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Elliecat Posts: 2725
Girls I just let a huge burp mid yawn in my office, I'm so embarrassed!! :-8 :-8 :-8 I'm sitting with two blokes and I can feell my cheeks bright red!! I have so much wind at the minute its not even funny.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I'm sure they understand we just can't hold it anymore :o0
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
:o0 The same thing happened me last week, i was talking to a girl in work and i opened my mouth to say more and a big burp came out - no warning or nothing, i nearly died.
sun flowers Posts: 3421
oh bloody hell I do this too... they come from no where... its mortifying :-8
sinion Posts: 6050
:o0 aww i'm sure they understand! but it is funny! I remember being in school at about 14 and we were all reading quitely at our desks so the room was silent. I was leaning forward and rocking my chair back and forth when suddenly and accidentally I farted! The shame, the shame, it was like a whistle in the pure silence :eek the girls in front of me spent the rest of the class laughing silently with tears pouring down their faces, I was so mortified!!!
PinkyD Posts: 276
Ladies we're all in the same boat here - i've always been a 'windy' person - i belch louder than my dad but the wind now is seriously unreal - it NEVER seems to go! Got a good temporary cure last weekend - soda water! Extra fizzy so when you guzzle down it brings all wind up straight away or at least within 2-3 minutes! Cheap n cheerful from tecos or wherever... get small bottles, stays fizzy that way! I have a bottle everyday in work with me - works like a charm... :o0