moses basket inserts

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alton Posts: 3077
Where can I buy extra linings for a moses basket? I've only seen sheets so far in the shops. Much as I'd like to believe that my perfect little baby will only puke on the sheets, I thought I'd prepare for all eventualities :o0 :o0
mumtobe Posts: 145
Hi Alton Mothercare normally have them.....
Florrie06 Posts: 316
I tried loads of places to get these, as I was given an old moses basket and the lining was a bit tatty. Couldn't get them anywhere. The girl in Mothercare said they used to stock them but not any more. I ended up buying a new moses basket but the little angel never puked once on it! The lining is pretty handy to wash though and would easily dry in a day.
nea dude Posts: 749
Pampers have a bed sheet for when you are potty training your kids, would you try to see if these fit the moses basket and you can change them as they get dirty? You could fold it in two length ways and it should fit a moses basket.
alton Posts: 3077
Thanks for the replies. I've tried mothercare and mamas and papas but couldn't see any sign of any. This isn't good - I know I'm going to start fantasising about making some spare covers and getting delusions that I'm Martha Stewart. And when I have the living room covered in scraps of material, have broken the needle on the sewing machine, the cat has adopted my attempted cover as a scratch toy and DH has seen the bill for the material that is now tangled in the sewing machine, it will finally dawn on me that the baby has out-grown the bloody basket anyway.
tweetykar Posts: 220
hi alton, they sell them on kiddicare might save you hours of fun! :o0