moses basket or crib

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busybee07 Posts: 959
Hey girls, which are you going for? Im thinking that the baby will get longer out of a crib then a mises basket?
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
We are going for a moses basket as it you can transport it around the house more easily. If the baby is napping during the day, I can just bring it downstairs. Cribs are alot heavier. Can't see myself lifting one of them around. They are very cute though! Suppose its a personal choice. :wv
chicam Posts: 1169
I got a moses basket for the same reasons, it's very easy to lift and I can imagine it'll be great when babs is very small for bringing down into the living room etc.
busybee07 Posts: 959
Well im looking at a silvercross pram that has teh moses basket with it and you get a stand for it so my plan is babs will sleep in that during the day. So should i then go for a crib then for night time?
workingmom Posts: 3429
I'm getting neither, I have looked into it extensively and have decided that moses baskets are a rip off, they only last a couple of weeks at most, and I can't imagine carrying one around the house. I bought a pram with a newborn liner, babs can sleep in that during the day, it will be easy to push around the house and is lovely and snuggly. I am getting a cotbed for the night sleeps, with it on the highest position, it is no deeper than a crib and will be better value in the long run, so I am planning to buy a fairly decent cotbed instead of moses baskets or cribs. It's personal choice at the end of the day, but I cannot justify the cost versus benefit.
alton Posts: 3077
I can't make up my mind. I had planned on getting a cot in mothercare that has a removable side and 8 different height settings so that you can attach it to the side of your bed for the first few weeks. But then I thought that it would be handy to have something mobile for the baby to sleep in during the day (in the highly unlikely event that I decide to leave my bed for the first 3 months or so), but maybe the pram would do for that (if I ever get round to choosing one) And then I thought that it might be easier to get the baby into the nursery full time (eventually) if he goes down for a nap in there during the day right from the start, which rules out the cot attached to the bed option. So now I need a cot for the nursery, and some kind of crib/ moses basket or co-sleeper for the bedroom. How long before they grow out of a moses basket? DH keeps asking what's wrong with a cardboard box :o0 and I'm starting to wonder too :o0
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Alton!!!!! :eek :eek :eek Am calling social services as I type! Lol! He might not be too far wrong! :o0 We are borrowing a moses basket from a friend which will be in our room! Visited a different friend the other day and she gave me her moses basket as well which I will put downstairs! On the other hand we are living with h2b's parents while our house is being built so we're REALLY tight for space! If we were in our own house babs would be going straight into cot though and sleeping in pram during the day! Not a chance would we be paying the guts of €100 or more for something for babs to sleep in for a few weeks! We'll be in our house for xmas so hoping to move babs into cot when we move in! With regards to a cot bed - We were looking at one of these but the woman in the shop advised us against it if we were planning on having another baby! She said that you don't get the full value out of the bed part if you have a 2nd baby within 2 years or so! In the mean time another friend has offered me her full nursery set (her youngest is almost 10) so we'll be putting that into the new house!
Toots12 Posts: 894
we've just found out that we're getting a loan of a Moses basket which is great. Up until now though, I hadn't planned on buying on, as they're a waste of money given that you only get a few weeks out of them. I had planned to just use the pram part of the travel system (we're going for a Quinny) - if you put a ventilated mattress in them, baby can happily sleep overnight in this. I'm not sure that I'd bother with a crib either, as, while they do last longer than a moses basket, you still don't really get ages out of them either...
Jeidi Posts: 3128
I'm getting a loan of my sisters and my neighbours moses baskets, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. I suppose when the time comes I might buy a crib. I'll have a cotbed anyway in the nursery please God.
shobie Posts: 1437
Just to add, you would get a few [b:3ghzmehw]months [/b:3ghzmehw]out of a moses basket not [b:3ghzmehw]weeks[/b:3ghzmehw], unless you have a monster baby! Its all down to personal taste but our dd is nearly 10 weeks and still napping in her moses basket, can see her still fitting it for at least another month. She naps in that downstairs during the day and goes into her cotbed in her own room at night. she slept in with us for the first 3 wks, in the basket and it was a nightmare....nobody got any sleep! We are all much happier now.