Moses basket/pram/cot..........confused

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MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
Ok my head is melted thinking about these things so i hope you can help me out there!!! O:| O:| ok when baby comes home from hospital where does it sleep? what is difference between cot and crib? moses basket - is it essential or can a newborn be put straight into a cot? what about getting the pram part of the buggy? what is the point of this? help as head is very very addled. O:| O:|
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
[b:31of59jb]ok when baby comes home from hospital where does it sleep?[/b:31of59jb] We put DD straight into her cot upstairs. We also have a travel cot with a bassinet for daytime naps. [b:31of59jb]what is difference between cot and crib?[/b:31of59jb] A crib is smaller than a cot. You can get cribs that swing/glide [b:31of59jb]moses basket - is it essential or can a newborn be put straight into a cot? [/b:31of59jb]As above, we never bothered with a moses basket.DD went straight into her cot and slept brilliantly [b:31of59jb]what about getting the pram part of the buggy? what is the point of this?[/b:31of59jb] We used the pram part of the buggy until DD was 4mths old so she could lie flat and be nice and snug. HTH
nea dude Posts: 749
I'm still thinking about this one!! There are so many things to get we'll have to move out so that the baby can move in! I'm thinking of getting the normal cot for our bedroom as nowadays they have cots that can be adjusted to different heights and are suitable from birth. Mothercare sell the cot divider which is a great idea until babs gets bigger. Then for the daytime I was thinking of getting a travel cot which also has adjustable heghts now, again the cot divider should be suitable for this aswell. It's so hard to know, the doc has said my baby will be big, so I don't think it's worth getting a mosses basket for 4 weeks or so...and i've no one to borrow from :o( Am not living in Ireland and a mosses basket costs 200plus here!! Baby stuff is just so expensive, it's mad.
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
Thanks Rocket Queen So would a pram be ok for downstairs naps during the day? or do you need to get a cot for downstairs too? Can you put baby to sleep upstairs for day time naps from the time they come home? and what can a newborn not sleep in for long periods of time? is it the car seat and a reclining buggy part of pram?
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
Sorry Neadude i was posting the same time as you yeh its a bit of a head wrecker to be honest - cause this is babs no 1 and i really have no clue :o( :o0 O:| was thining about just getting a cot for our bedroom and then moving it into the babys room after a while. i didn't know about the cot divider thingy which sounds fab.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
We didn't bother with the cot divider. We put DD into a grobag and really newborns don't tend to wriggle like older babies so I wasn't worried about her slipping under the covers (obviously didn't have blankets with the grobag). We put DD into her cot in our room, then moved her into her own room at 6mths. It meant she didnt' need to get used to a new cot and a new room at the same time. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with putting baby to sleep upstairs for daytime naps. We didn't do it for 2 reasons: 1. Wanted DD to know the difference between day and night. When she goes into her cot upstairs it's for the night! 2. Didn't feel comfortable been so far away from DD when she was so small. Even though you have a monitor I felt much better being in the room with her. You can't let baby sleep or sit even for longer than 2hrs in carseats. It's not very good for them. Until babies are 3mths old they need to be kept lying down all the time so sleeping in the buggy is probably a no-no unless it's lying flat.(Open to correction on the 3mths there) Some prams are suitable for daytime naps. The one we had wasn't but it was no hassle having the travel cot in the corner of the sitting room. It's now used as a playpen so it was a great buy.
Babs Aug08 Posts: 828
We originally had bought a crib for upstairs, but had to buy DS a cot (got a cot-bed) after 3 or 4 weeks as his arms was going out thru the sides of the crib & he was disturbing his sleep - wudnt recommend them. He still sleeps in the pram part of our Quinny Buzz downstairs for his day naps. Its really handy as when he pops off for his nap, we can head out for a walk or to the shop without moving/waking him. Very snug too. To summaries - big cot for upstairs & pram for downstiars daytime naps!! HTH :wv
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
We'll use the Quinny Dreami carrycot for daytime sleeps, and maybe at night initially also. Will have a cot for our bedroom also. Not bothering with a crib or moses basket - using the carrycot instead