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Twirl Posts: 5598
Hi Girls, Did any of you buy moses baskets and where they worth it? I have been looking at some on line but with money being tight i just dont fancy forking out €100 for something that may not even be used. Are they handy for during the day for naps? I saw one of babysrus magazine so i was thinking i could always go up the north for a look.
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Hi twirl, my DD was quite big when born so only got 2 weeks out of it before she was hitting off the sides and wakine herself and then I moved her into the big cot and she slept perfect then. for during the day though it was great. we borrowed one though. and we had no stand but we used to put the moses basket on the couch with dd in it so it was handy. Do not pay €100 for one anyway argos have one for €40 or go to Michael Guineys if there is one near you I am sure they are cheap there too. I know a stand is extra then but you can always place the moses basket into the big cot or in a travel cot or on a couch. They only used them for the first few weeks. Some people get months out of them though depends on baby too.
dreamer Posts: 3941
I had one for DD. She was in it til she was 10 weeks old. I wouldn't pay €100 for one either. Think mine was about €50 in Mothercare sale at the time! I put DD straight in to the cot then at 10 weeks!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Guineys have a lovely Winnie the Pooh one for €50!
Bundle of joy 2 Posts: 60
I used the pram part of my buggy system, day and night, when he was bigger 4mts used crib. Often used big cot during the day so he got used to it.
Twirl Posts: 5598
Thank you all. Great to see there is more bargains here than i thought. I suppose i might wait until nearer the time to see whether i get one. I was thinking the pram would do for the first while but then its so easy to get carried away too. Maybe ill see how baby is measuring closer to the time also. thanks girls, im sure i will have loads more questions for you. I am defintely taking a trip to guineys though thats twice today their name cropped up.
pag Posts: 633
Be careful using your pram as moses basket permanently. Most prams are NOT suitable for overnight sleeps as they do not allow enough ventilation. You need to check with sales and see if they can be used overnight and if you can get a mattress for them. Moses baskets are not used for very long (in general). If you could borrow one and just buy a new mattress it would be way less expensive.
Twirl Posts: 5598
Thanks Pag, was only going to use it for day time napping, thinking i could have babs down stairs with me while i potter about or do what has to be done. I was going to use a cot for night time. I will look more into this and other methods though thanks for that advice ( i think i have a lot to learn ). Unfortuantely there is no one i can borrow bits off that i know of. Any of my friends are still adding to their families or have given stuff back to their sisters/ brothers for their kiddies but maybe nearer the time i might get to borrow stuff.
lush11 Posts: 2877
My little lad was 7lb 15 when born and now he's heading for 19 lbs and he's still in the moses basket. It's a mothercare one and it is one of the longer ones around. I have the moses basket in the travel cot in our room and hopefully in the next few months he'll move into the cot in his own room. My little lad loves it and it was a great buy. I'd definitely recommend one but get a slightly longer one.
one of each Posts: 1277
Ive just had my second and I was just saying to my mam to-day I dont know how i would manage with out it! I can have DS beside me all day down stairs when he is sleeping and then just cary it upstairs at night. I borrowed a stand from my friend. I used it for day naps on my first until she was 5 months old. I have a crib also and will use it for night time from about two months until six months and then into the cot. They sleep so much as newborns you need them beside you until they get older. I wouldnt spend 100 on one though. Best of luck! PS alternatively you could buy a travel cot and use that down stairs and you will get lots of use out of it!