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Snuffy Posts: 1492
Inspired by boards! I know there was a similar thread recently here on the nicest thing a stranger did for you, but this is more the nicest/most generous thing you've seen. My parents go away most weekends in a camper van and one particular weekend Towards the winter last year(weather was fairly cold) they were away and got chatting to a young couple from Alaska over here on their honeymoon. They were flying out 2 days later home to Alaska from Dublin airport. Turns out they'd had a minor car accident in their rental car and the payout for that took the last of their money, so essentially they had no money for food and were planning on driving back to Dublin the next day and sleeping in the car that night at the airport and not eating. My parents and their friends fed them and My dad decided this wasn't happening if he could help it(very very unlike him) so he rang my sister to make sure she was home the next night, they already knew I wasn't there. She was going to be home so dad gave them directions to our house and offered for them to stay here for the night so they wouldn't have to sleep in the car. So they arrived here about 4pm the next day and my sister fed them and made them Irish coffees and gave them her bed for the night. They were so grateful and headed off to the airport the next day. Anyone have any other stories?
jegoruss Posts: 258
an old lady who lived down the road from us growing up used always take in stray dogs and cats.she had very kind nature about her and would always invite all d kids around in to see the animals.she would rehome them for free if she cud but if she cudn't then she would always mind them.for me she was the most generous person.i know not in a money way but i love animals and i think she had such a big heart and was not just very kind to animals but to the kids too.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
When we were young, my Dad was at a work dinner near Dunlaoghaire. When he came out, he was approached by a backpacker, probably 18/19yrs old, who was asking about ferry times. He'd got himself completely confused and thought there was a night sailing but it wasn't for another 12 hours, so he was about to head off to find a park to camp in for the night. Some tourists had been murdered a few weeks before when they were camping in a park, so Dad wouldn't let him and brought him to our house for the night, fed him a big fry the next day and brought him back down to the ferry. We kept in touch with him for years and when we went to Italy about 6 years later, we went to visit him and his family!
sweets78 Posts: 346
Hi I just Thought I would Share My Story,,Recently My Family Went Abroad To Check Out Our Wedding Venue. I Borrowed My Mams Camera That Had Photos From A sFar Back As I Can Remember. As You Can Imagine I Was Warned Not To Let It Out Of MY Sight. And Of Course On A Night Out I Did Exactly That. I Was SO Upset At How Silly I Was For Bringing It Out With Me. I Went To The Bar Looking For IT Twice just hoping it would show up,,It Realy Put A Dampner On My Holiday.When I Returned To Ireland The First Thing I did Was Buy A New Camera { 150e :[..After 2 days of been home I received A P.M from the bar they found my camera and checked the photos and reconised me,,thay posted the camera back i could'nt believe it.I now have faith that there is still alot of good honest people in the world.. :action34
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I once bought a packet of crisps for my friend. They were cheese and onion.
Synergy Posts: 2768
[quote="BrideOfRecession":3qf4xevs]I once bought a packet of crisps for my friend. They were cheese and onion.[/quote:3qf4xevs] You went all out, fair play BoR
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
[quote:aalt55os]Re: Most generous thing you've seen? Post by Synergy ยป 29 Aug 2011 13:59 BrideOfRecession wrote:I once bought a packet of crisps for my friend. They were cheese and onion. You went all out, fair play BoR[/quote:aalt55os] That brought a tear to my eye BOR... Such a humanitarian. ;o)
Synergy Posts: 2768
I vaguely remember this story but basically a girl I stayed with in London told me that her brother went to America a couple of years ago. I think he was lost or something and approached a police officer. The police officer anyway ended up offering a bed to the girl's brother and when he got up the next day he found out that it was Christian Slater's house. He stayed with them for a while and became good friends with Christian. I saw the photos to back up the story. How awesome would that be! He's gorgeous