Most-overpriced part of the Wedding Day

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Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
I think we can all agree that Wedding days are overpriced? (No just me??) What do you think is the most-overpriced part of the whole Wedding day??
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
My dh would say the chair covers but I would have to say the meal....if I was to book a dinner for a corporate event in a hotel for 150 people it wouldn't nearly cost as much as when you mention the word wedding!!! when we got married ours was ment to be €55 a head for 4 courses with choice of meat or fish....they have a huge restaurant part of the hotel and just put the choices on the specials for the restaurant so it wasn't because of the risk of waste! just the mention of wedding shoots up the price!! crazzzyyy!! but still wouldn't change a minute of the day or the money we spent!
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
Venue. We got a great deal but still when you break it down it's a lot of money for a dinner. Plus the hotel is then guaranteed all the bar sales that you bring in. It should be noted we did a lot of DIY so we cut out a lot of the usual suspects in terms of expenditure. If we'd gone the traditional route i think the dress would have been the worst
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
Ooo it's a tough one. Everything is over-priced....Probably the meal as you can get the same one for less during any other event. Flowers are pretty insane too, as is the dress. Cakes seem a bit mad as well.
jezabelle Posts: 607
Our Meal etc. was really reasonable, dress was too. It would have been flowers for me. I didnt really want them to start with cos it was a winter wedding with lots of candles in the church, i didnt even want a bouquet and got one in the end and its the only thing I didnt like one bit!! Wish i had of stuck to my guns!!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
The whole shaggin lot! 20k on one day is ridiculous but I still wouldn't have changed anything, I should have tried to eat some of the cake though, €400 and I stuck a knife in for a pic and never saw it again after! Best money spent was the video tho, I am so delighted with it and every time I watch it im back in that day. My brother got married a year after and refused to have a video, we're all so sorry now that he didnt
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
From the angle of cost versus value I would say our wedding car was the most over priced part of the day. Looked lovely in photos but it really was an unnecessary extravagance for us.The meal and band were also Über expensive but I felt they were worth it as the guests are still raving about both nearly 8 months later.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Not the wedding (we didn't bother with a lot of what we knew wouldn't be worth it like cars and a cake) but one part of our HM was overpriced. Hubs really wanted to see Las Vegas so he organised that leg of it but it wasn't worth it. A one night stay would have done us and I got really sick during our stay so didn't enjoy it at all. Really didn't like the place at all and we could have saved our money.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Hmmmm, I'm being all philisophical now (bear with me!) but I think things like weddings are only overpriced if you let them be? There are plenty of Wollies on here who had their wedding for €5k. I spent €16k. So why didn't I do a €5k day like those Wollies did? The reason is...because I had €16k to spend! That was our budget, we didn't go over, we had everything we wanted and came out of it without any debt whatsoever. So in that sense (again bear with me!) for us, nothing was overpriced. We coudl afford everything that we had, ergo it was within our price range. That said, some things I wouldn't bother with again if I was doing it over. Cake, fancy car, some other minor fripperies that caused us a bit of running around and hassle. They weren't noticed and were a big price.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I agree with Smileykaz, we went abroad, think we spent about 12k but we got SO much value for our money. I think its all about shopping around and thinking outside the box, I see on here so often brides saying they are paying €300 for one bridesmaids dress and giving out how expensive they are but you can get some lovely dresses for less than 100 if you shop around and shop in non-bridal shops. I wouldnt know the difference between a dress bought in a bridal shop and labelled as a "bridesmaids dress" to one bought in coast, debenhams etc. I bought mine off the internet for €70 each - they were just marketed as a dressy dress! They were exactly what I wanted. If i thought something was over priced then I just didnt have it or I shopped around till I got a more reasonable quote!