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stephyb Posts: 1439
Does the mother of the groom wear something similar to mother of the bride, like on the same dressyness level? I've found a lovely outfit for my mum and His mum has asked me to go shopping with her ( when she comes to visit) so i need to know should i look for something on the same level as my mum, or less? My mums isn't over the top it's a simple pencil skirt with matching feminine jacket.
sinduf Posts: 261
I don't think are is a general rule. I think hey should wear what their comfortable in. But the a problem that could occur is if one is way more dressed up than the other the undressed one could feel out of place or the other way round.
joker Posts: 2789
My FMIL and my Mum want to be in some way co-ordinated ... Plus my mum is going to be co-ordinated with the bridesmaids, so everyone wil be co-ordinated..... my mum would be mad if she thought she was under dressed in comparison to FMIL. :o0 On the subject , do you get both dads the same suit so they are co-ordinated.. *)
stephyb Posts: 1439
don't think so about the dads. My dad is part of the bridal party and his suit will be hired with the grooms and groomsmens suits. I'm not including his dad in the suit hiring, so he wouldnt be able to match. the mums don't like each other so i'm mediating.
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
yeah i am matching the dads in suits!!! my mam showed me a pic of her outfit nd fmil told me what she is getting nd they are quite similar!!! My mam is happy as she wld want to be dressed just as well as fmil!!!There is no need for them to coordinate though!!!