Mother driving me mad over outfit!

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ashfordbride Posts: 31
So mad with her but dont want to fall out! I went shopping for the day with my mum to get her a mother of the bride outfit, what we got was lovely, gorgeous dress with jacket, really pleased. The next thing I hear (not from her) she has brought it back and gone and bought something else. Just a plain dress, jersey kind of fabric with sleeves, no jacket, she wont wear a hat or fascinator and to top it all of she bought SHOOBS to go with it. Bloody shoe boot things, with a jersey dress. HELP ME!! MIL is going to be all glam in a gorgeous outfit and I want my mum to look special as Mother of the Bride. And I cant help but feeling that she is being really selfish. She keeps saying she wants to be comfortable, but it does matter how she looks too doesnt it? God I know some people are going to say its more important that she's comfortable and Im being the selfish one - but is there even one person out there who can say Im not being unreasonable?
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
I have to agree with you i think she should look nice. Couldent she find something nice and comfy at the same time. would she not wear a nice pants and jacket? Have you said it to her yet? I know that when people look at wedding photos they always comment on the mother of teh bRide and teh mother of the groom. My Dh's cousin got married recently and both mothers look fab. The mother of the groom wore a long dress to her ancle loads of colour in it, it looked really comfortable would she not go for something like this?
Bankbag Posts: 69
Why don't you take her shopping again and try and find something else? She can't have been comfurtable in the original outfit. There is a happy medium out there to be found I'm sure.