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Mackers Posts: 13
Hi I was wondering does any body have the same problem as me.. but my mother in law to be is driving me mad. I m living in my fiances house.( which is my house now as we are making it our home). we are getting married next year. The mother in law has to approve of everything b4 we buy anything for our house.. its driving me mad. She doesnt; realise that i want to make this my home. She is so interfering. she just walks in the back door also.. never knocks.. sorry for rambling but it really is annoying me so much. i get so mad. My fiance doesn;t really see my point.. because his mum is everything to him. Its driving me mad....
Woolie28 Posts: 110
Oh Mackers, you have my sympathy! I haven't experienced this myself YET but i can totally understand. I would feel the same. Your fiance needs to have a chat to her to save your sanity! Just a friendly hint that this is no longer just his home, it is your (you and your H2B's) new home together. And she needs to back off and let you enjoy the whole experience. Mothers of men get away with murder do you know that. Men don't say boo to them! Good luck.....
Mackers Posts: 13
Yeah i know what you mean... ah my mum would never interfere into any of our business.. never walk in the door etc etc. she d give us our place. But it really makes me mad the way she acts. I m good at picking colours and decorating.. now i wouldnt; be any interior designer but i do have a bit of taste! god if i asked my mum to come and look at a colour of a wall she d say.. sure its your house you choose!
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Oh id hate that, you should go out and buy some things for the house and make your mark, as for the back door issue, god ye could be up to all sorts and she'd walk in on you!! Maybe thats what she needs if she walked in on you then she'd be mortified and definately knock next time :yelrotflmaosmilie: does the door not have a lock?? you should lock it and keep the key in the door that way she cant unlock it from the outside, say its for fire safety, if there was a fire you dont want to have to rummage around looking for a key, thats why it NEEDS to be left in the door...and she cant open it from the outside and will have to knock like everybody else!!! H2B should cop on, try talk to him again say you dont mind her popping round but you still want your privacy
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
Ya defo I would be locking the doors so she has to knock to come in. Maybe invite her for a meal some evening. Call her & say, we would like to have you over for dinners in ours. YOu will be the hostess in your home! She will be the guest! Nice dinner...everyone knows their position!no one has to say anything hurtful!
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
O:| can so relate to you. Mummy's and their boys. Your Engaged to this guy, its your home with him, not her house at all. Lock the doors to train her to knock, ring the door bell. She has a cheek expecting you to come to her on every decision, put her on the right path before you get married or they'll only get worse - so my mother tells me!
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
You need to let him know how you feel about this, as diplomatically as possible. My friend's MIL was like this. She once walked in on them as they were getting down to it in the kitchen :ooh It put a stop to her surprise visits though!!
Mackers Posts: 13
Thanks for that.. i have become distant with her to be honest.. i don;t call over to the home house much at all to see them. Maybe its jsut to be honest i wish we met before he built the house.. then i would feel its my hosue.. his mother and sister picked everythingi n the house O:| . I will start locking the door to try and solve that problem. but she sees no problem in it.. or else as you say i should time it when she s coming over .. to get up to a bit of action! that would stop her walking in. thanks for all your comments. have to go but will be back tomrorow. :-8
mrskelly Posts: 203
hectic Posts: 528
My h2b had his own house before we started going out and now it's our house. His parents are next door and the back door is always open if we're in the house.....unless we're getting it on....then we make sure to lock it.....but in fairness, his mother and father would always knock on the door, if they didn't get an answer they would open it and call us before they come in.....which i think is fair enough. I get on really well with them anyway so we've never had any issues like that......but i have to say, if i was in your position i would be locking the back door until she can take the hint or else get the h2b to have a word!