Mother of the Bride Outfit URGENT HELP REQUIRED

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sapphiresparkler Posts: 22
Hello! My mother has her style and it works: Full length skirt, top and Jacket: 3 piece skirt. She has had Fantastic outfits for all my bro and sisters weddings and this being my wedding, last time for her to be mob, she is looking for the best yet. However, her style is not in style at the moment. everything out there is either a short knee length dress and coat or a 3/4 length sleeve. there is nothing found yet to suit her. i need urgent help. we are willing to travel anywhere in ireland, shes in mayo, im in limerick and i aint afraid of driving cross country to help my mammy! please please help and send details of any shops/outfits you have that match the description of 3 piece suit for June Wedding. size 14/16. All colours will be accepted!!
anniemai Posts: 91
Vanity Fair in Newbridge will defo be able to sort you out. Huge selection. Not sure if they have a website. Good luck with it :)
Luka Posts: 1904
Ela Maria's in Newcastle West is good, she has a great selection. My mum got her outfit for my wedding in "Brides of glin", In Glin, Co. Limerick. (Brides as in her name is Bride, not an actually bride!) Hope this helps.
summer 12 Posts: 389
just did a week lng blitz of shops with the country mammy problem also!So i can safely tell you what labels etc are in every single shop!!!The ones id recommend are Fashion world and Hannons in Castleisland upstairs inJasmine Tralee.Newcastlewest grand nothing major for the country woman in my opinion.Lynchs in Banagher similiar.Dervans Loughrea worth a look.We did Nicola Ross , Evita in Naas and ended up in Vanity Fair Newbridge. All stock Condicia Zeila John Bentley Jihn Charles Sonia Penna etc.Oh yea forgot La Creme in Gorey!As you can see im worn out from it but were sorted!!
summer 12 Posts: 389
totally forgot sineads in annacotty limerick have a great range too!
sapphiresparkler Posts: 22
Thanks guys keep the suggestions coming!
spaced2012 Posts: 275
Aine's in Longford town. my mam's favourite and she will defo be going back there. they got the perfect mother of groom outfit incl. the necessary underwear and shoes...they went out to a separate shoe shop for her. so basically all under one roof and she looked fab...full length skirt/coat. id ring them 1st to make enquiries to see have they got what you looking for in at the mo. [url:jr433kgy][/url:jr433kgy]
win Posts: 183
If your in Killarney, try McBees, I know a few friends mothers got their outfits there. Best of luck.
danekawilsonmakeup Posts: 120
Clara Ellen in Longford and Mullingar also a shop in Athlone, can order in anything you want and is known for MOB outfits. HTH
sapphiresparkler Posts: 22
[quote="danekawilsonmakeup":21q2rle7]Clara Ellen in Longford and Mullingar also a shop in Athlone, can order in anything you want and is known for MOB outfits. HTH[/quote:21q2rle7] sounds great! im in athlone this week for a hen, might get a chance to check them out.