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July2012 Posts: 35
Hi My mum has been shopping around for AGES for a dress. She does NOT want the typical Mother of the Bride outfit. She had found a fab one, bought it but then discovered that there was something wrong with it. She then continued shopping- was up on 22 shops when she found another one. It is gorg and she is very happy with it. My only concern is that it is black. Does anyone have a problem with Mother of the Bride wearing black?? I dont and she is delighted with it. Im just happy that she found something that she feels good in. What do people think???
highbeam Posts: 2578
I was at a wedding last year and the mother of the groom wore black and it was fab on her. Very elegant. It did have some cream trimming on her jacket so it wasnt completely black. If she is happy with it and so are you then I think she should wear it.
waterdale Posts: 162
I got married last year and my Mother is a big lady so it was so hard for her to find anything suitable, her outfit was black and wore hat, shoes, bag and jewellary in a different colour to jazz it up, it was fab on her and she was very happy with it, once they are happy, thats all that matters.
bride2b13 Posts: 39
Honestly it would not bother me in the least as long as she was comfortable and happy with it that is all that matters. I was at a wedding last year where the mother of the groom wore black and everyone kept talking about how its a sign of disapproval of the marriage I never heard of such a thing til then. however I thing she did disapprove so this is why it was highlighted :) :) Just remember if she is happy who cares :)
July2012 Posts: 35
Her Jacket is white with a black trimming and there is a white head piece. She it trilled with it and im delighted she found something that she will be comfortable in. Thanks for feedback
nelle Posts: 552
Sounds bang on to me!!! :wv