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homersimpson007 Posts: 81
Hi There Im just wondering , im getting things to say thank you to my bridesmaids and am just wondering is it tradition to get your mother something ? I feel like if i get my bridesmaids dressing gowns and stuff that my mam might feel left out??
Nicey Posts: 200
Hi, I got my Mum a gift (pearl earrings to wear on the day) and she was really touched. Don't forget it's an important day for your parents too and I think it's nice to have something from you to recognise that. :thnk
homersimpson007 Posts: 81
Yea i think ill def get her something now... what now is another thing..
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Do the daddy's get anything, it always seems to be MOB's getting pressies. Sorry don't mean to change/hijack your thread
homersimpson007 Posts: 81
Dont worry about it , im curious about that too.. but that will be some challenge if i have to get my father something... but he is paying for the reception so what could i possibily get him to express how thankful i am ? he really is one of those men who has everything already if you no what i mean .. doesnt play golf or anything like that so im very limited and he is too specific about his clothes and his jewelery ... unless i get him a nice watch or something like that ... its just money is so tight before the wedding its very hard ...
LadyMary Posts: 1050
I got my dad Cufflinks with Father of the Bride on them, just funny but something of a gesture. For mum i got a hankie with a special Message on it and our wedding date. I'm also going to give them both cards that tell them how much they mean to me. My bridesmaid will have their jewerly as presents plus i got hand made cards for them made and i'll leave them in their rooms in the hotel.
homersimpson007 Posts: 81
Thats really nice mary lady ..
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Yeah dad's are really hard to buy for, how many pairs of socks or shirts can you get them. Cuff link would be wasted on mine as he doesn't like those kind of shirts. Anyway, back to the mam's - I think jewellery will always go down well. OH just thought of something, I love getting photo frames as presents, what about a really nice Newbridge Silver one or something along those lines, and that definitely won't break the bank