mothercare my choice 4 wheeler v quinny buzz 4

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popplewell Posts: 110
Hi. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on the mothercare my choice 4 wheeler. I know its new to the market but just wanted to find out if anyone has had any experience with it, or seen it? I am torn between this and the quinny buzz 4, but pricewise the my choice is better. Any input appreciated. :wv
kala Posts: 1937
i have the mothercare my3 which is very similar to the quinny and my4, and find it brilliant as far as i can see the only difference is that the carrycot part in the mothercare my3 and my4 converts to the stroller and price. my friend has the quinny and i think the stroller part looks tiny in comparison to the mothercare brand.
RJR Posts: 962
I have the Quinny Buzz and two things that really annoy me with it - one of the wheels is forever getting punctures. In the last three weeks or so, it's had a puncture three times, straight after it's been fixed. Had to go out and buy two spare inner tyres for it. Also, the pushchair attachment doesn't go very far upright when you have it facing you, so babs is practically lying down. DD has awful reflux and because she needs to be upright or practically upright to sleep she's never slept in her buggy and if we're out and she needs a sleep I have to carry her in her harness just so she can sleep. Don't know if that helps you at all because I don't know if the Mothercare one is much the same?
april09babs Posts: 926
Hi I bought the Mothercare My Choice but still waiting to use it! I love it. From what I remember in the store the Quinny is a little bit easier to fold up. The main advantage with tge My Choice is that u don't need a seperate carry cot and pushchair as the unit converts very easily. I liked this idea because we go away a lot and won't need to bring 2 seperate parts with us. Also the pushchair part of the My Choice appears bigger than the Quinny and the hood is also bigger which will offer more protection from the weather. The price is also a factor in why we got the My Choice. Don't know if this is true but I read on a Uk pregnancy forum that the My Choice frame is made by Dorel who are the manufacturers behind Quinny. The frames are almost identical except for the branding. We went for the 3 wheeler.
nwhite Posts: 216
I ordered the mychoice 4 wheeler and i think it looks great and its so light and a great price i can't wait until it arrives. I personally prefer the look of it to the quinny but thats just my taste what really sold it for me for was the pushchair can face you or away and at that price you can't go wrong
popplewell Posts: 110
Thanks a mill for the reply girls. Some useful info there. Am going to go and see both in the flesh and see from there. Price wise and looks wise on the websites I prefer the My Choice. Its unbelievable how much time you can spend browsing sites looking at different prams etc. Mind boggling stuff.. :thnk
contented Posts: 2625
Hiya, We had decided on the My4 but we've gone for the iCandy Apple instead. They are very similar but the iCandy a little more expensive as it has a separate pram and seat unit. What put me off the My4 was that it won't collapse unless the bag is removed and because the pram and buggy are one unit I was a bit worried about the solidness of the buggy itself. Obviously everyone has to make their own choice and to be honest I've been looking for months to make the right decision. What sealed it for me was that the iCandy can be converted to a twin afterwards just with a bracket which will save us some money in the long run. Its a big decision to make so take your time, research well and make sure it ticks all your boxes for you.
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Hi girls! For those of you who got the mychoice, did you order it instore or online? Think its my favourite so far! :o)ll
ellee Posts: 666
HI, I don't have either but I thought I'd post the reviews of both for you:- MOTHERCARE MY4 score 68% The Mothercare My4 travel system is a good choice for taller people, but not easy enough to use to be a Best Buy. Summing it up, our experts said: 'It's unfortunate that the folding, removing parts and adjusting are so difficult, otherwise this would be a brilliant travel system'. It is comfortable to push; we like that the horizontal foam handlebar, which adjusts from 93-107cm, increases the distance from the pushchair giving taller people more leg room. But the handle wobbles slightly when you apply pressure to it. Good for newborn babies, it's a versatile beast. The reversible seat unit transforms easily into a long, narrow carrycot, or you can use the chassis with the Mothercare child car seat provided. The whole seat reclines using buttons on the side, or you can recline the backrest separately using a stiff strap on the back that requires two hands to operate. It's definitely one for smaller children, the seat is fairly narrow with a very short backrest and variable harness anchor points. It comes with a hood with viewing window and footmuff that converts into an apron. The pushchair has pneumatic rear tires and is very wide at the back. You need to remove the seat before folding and the chassis folds down to a reasonable 31x77x63cm (150 litres) which will fit in the boot of a mid-sized car. Getting the seat off is a real challenge though, as it is hard to unclip. Weight 12.2kg. Pros: Self-catching clip, stands upright when folded, carry handle, padded harness, one button brake application, numbered folding sequence Cons: No adjustable leg support, storage box seems small QUINNY BUZZ 4 (a best buy! score 78%) The Best Buy Quinny Buzz Travel System was a real hit with our testers, who found it easy to use, highly manoeuvrable and comfortable to drive on a wide range of surfaces. But it’s bulky, and on-board storage is poor. The Buzz has a reversible seat unit that can be attached quickly and simply to face forward or backward. The pneumatic tyres give an exceptionally smooth ride on all surfaces, from pavements and kerbs to stairs and off-road, but the wheel base is too wide to negotiate bus gangways easily. It’s suitable from birth to 20kg, though the seat is small and doesn’t recline into a flat position for sleeping. At 290 litres (42x104x65cm) the Buzz is huge when folded, but it fits into a medium-sized car boot – albeit with little room to spare – and the wheels are removable with a quick release mechanism. The Buzz weighs 14.4kg, which is very heavy for a pushchair, and lacks a carry handle, so it’s not very portable. The handlebar can be adjusted for taller or shorter users. By far the most unpopular thing about the Buzz is the clip-on storage bag; it’s hard to access items at the bottom, and hangs so low that it can catch the carer’s feet as they push. The Quinny Buzz includes a hood with window, raincover and seat liner. It’s compatible with the Maxi Cosi car seat and Dreami carrycot, both available as optional extras. The covers are removable but not machine washable, and some stains remain after wiping down. Pros: Reversible seat unit, excellent on bumpy ground and off-road, good manoeuvrability Cons: Huge, very heavy, storage bag is poor hth! :wv
Joleigh Posts: 4242
Thanks Ellee! I'm gonna have a nosey on that website now. :wv