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lillady2012 Posts: 15
Since we announced the date for the wedding my mother has pushed bridesmaids on me!! Have this girl nd this girl!! i have two sisters and i'm not short of friends. I picked my sisters and my best frien who i've known since day 1 on secondary school. since then one of my sisters got pregnant and because its near the due date she has pulled out, suits me fine getting her a dress was proving v v v hard. but my mother is at it again, and pulling the sick woman that know one cares what she wants card, basically trying to blackmail me in to it. she wants me to pick cousins because she wants to look good infront of there mother is all i can think of. but i want to pick another friend who is going out with my bro the last ten year, more of a friend than a bro's woman. and on top of this theres a lady who half her family will be dressed by us and has a free family room from us complaining about not being able to afford it, she work her husband works, but a wedding they got 4 months notice for and drank all weekend at was the bees knees, but keeps complaining about the cost to me and i'm sick of it i have 20000 to fork out next year and 4 other weddings to attend and i just have to find the money. i have never complained to abride about the cost of going to there wedding. but dare you tell her to shut up sorry rant over
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
Aghhhhh that sounds awful, hope you are feeling better now :xxx I can understand your mum wanting to be involved but I honestly think bridesmaids and best man etc are the couple's choice. You will be looking at those pics a long time and it will just annoy you to think you were railroaded into having your cousin. I think you really need to stand your ground on it, even better, make the decision and ask your brother's girlfriend and then it's done, your mum has to move on. You can always try to involve your mum in other ways later if you wish. As for the lady who's complaining about the cost, just tell her that other people have also mentioned about finding it tough and have prepared you for the fact that they might not be able to come so in the event that she won't be able to make it, you will be very sorry. I can tell you the attitude will change as she won't want to be left out and is probably just one of those people who isn't happy unless they are complaining. Best of luck with your plans hun ;o)
lillady2012 Posts: 15
thanks ivy... I a going to let the dust settle i think my mam is annoyed about my sisters pregnancy more and i'm getting the brunt of it my other sister just rang saying she got tears and what not, just pure drama with her lately. and my pregnant sister hasn't rang to say shes not doing bridesmaid either. oh needed this rant, i'm going to write out the guest list and tick off who has confirmed and write without complaint on it, and leave it on the kitchen table, aunts from england and who have to travel from the far side of the country ain't complaining, your right she just has to complain
Ms Star Posts: 207
Oh gawd lillady2012, that would drive me mental too. What the frig is it about weddings that sends people loopy?!