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Take 2! Posts: 403
I am finding it really hard to get motivated- does anyone have any good tips that might help??? Think i am just a bit down in general - who isn't at the moment!! and just don't FEEL like doing anything esp the gym!! i use to love going then got out of the habit and now just can't seem to get back into it :o( Thanks!!
joer Posts: 1617
me too, just dont seem to have at all, and find it so hard to get out of bed every morning and just want to go home to the sofa and back in bed nice and early, really need to get in gear but it's so hard.
Tree Posts: 87
Hi girls, I was exactly the same - loved going to the gym and then after a while just got really unmotivated and bored with it. So what I did then was write out a programme for myself. As in nothing complicated, just to have a goal every few weeks. For November I made sure I burned 300 cals on the machines every time I went to the gym, then December upped it to 325, Jan 350, Feb 375, March now Im up to 400. So just adding 25 cals every month. Its good to see how much fitter you become and then have your own weigh in every month or so. Before I got really bored on the machines but now I have the motivation to just stay on for that extra length of time to burn the calories. And you can do like 100 on one machine, 150 on another etc. Dunno if thats any help but I found it totally motivates me now :) :wv
joer Posts: 1617
thanks for that, it's the acutal going there in the first place I cant do!
love struck Posts: 1125
The only thing that worked for me was a personnal trainer who happend to be my hubbie!! Back to my pre-pregnancy weight very quick and actually even lighter now.. Mind you still have the baby belly :o0
Take 2! Posts: 403
Thanks wollies!! went to the gym today after work and just tried not to think about it, listened to my ipod and just trodded along and watched Neighbours on the treadmill so hopefully i can build up from today!! Lovestruck - i told my H2B there is ONLY going to be one place he can see me hot, sweaty and panting for breath....... now if he CHOOSES that to be the gym then......... :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 he opted against the gym shockingly!!