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Wifey4lifey87 Posts: 2
I've about a year and a half to go until my wedding(ages.. I know!!) but I'm trying to lose a significant amount of weight. I lose a bit and then something happens and I pile it back on. How do you ladies stay motivated??
bronzedbride Posts: 2
Hiya I have lost 2.5 stone so far. Happy to help you if you want to add me on face book and pm me Nicola Cailleau xx
jt2323 Posts: 3
The best motivation I had so far was getting some exercise equipment at home, it really whipped me into shape. Doesn't work for anyone but worked for me. Fad diets are bad for you. You have enough time to lose weight more naturally and then it is more likely to stay off :)
jt2323 Posts: 3
A quick search and you can find cheap home gym equipment based in Ireland, like a cross trainer for sale, take a look, loads of other stuff too. Best thing I ever did, honestly! I can't put the link in I'm afraid but they're on a site called For Sale Ireland :) x
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
I found my fitbit app was really good at keeping me motivated. It's a step tracker that I pop in my pocket or clip to my underwear, think it was about €60 I have it synced to a calorie app (myfitnesspal) so see calories in verses calories out throughout the day I was so surprised at how little I actually moved and as such was eating too much to lose weight. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less than you burn. They say to lose 1 pound a week you need to have a 3500 calorie deficit but as you have so much time it would be easier to start at a lower amount. I really found tracking my progress through the app helped too.
Babesface Posts: 22
I was just like this. I would lose maybe a stone and then lose my motivation and any faith I had in myself and then cry into my cup of tea with 3 sugars and a sharing block of chocolate. Losing weight is hard. I lost just under 5 stone over the last 2 years by changing my lifestyle a small bit at a time. The first thing was cutting out late night snacking and sticking to 3 meals a day. Then limiting takeaways or eating out to once a week. Then switching to wholegrains rather than white carbs. Smaller plates were great too because it made me feel like I had a really full plate of food but in reality my portions were only about half the size of what I had been eating before. I've found slimming world recipes and operation transformation recipes great. And of course, the one thing everyone hates... Exercise. I started out walking for about 15 mins at a time 3 days a week. Now I'm training to run a 10k. It's all about baby steps and trying not to be too hard on yourself if you have an off day. We all have them. I hope I've given you some good tips there :) Best of luck! x
meryl Posts: 10
l I would suggest you find alternatives to any sugary temptations-cinnamon instead of sugar in your porridge, sweeteners for coffee/tea. The reason people struggle with motivation is that sugar is like a drug and so we crave it when we cut down. I'm not suggesting you can't treat yourself-it's a long time to your wedding day-but keep in your mind that a desert at a christening/work do/wedding is a treat and you deserve it for your dedication but the next day it has to be business as usual. I would also suggest, as other posters have, that eating late in the evening is not a good idea. I have a pint of sparkling water with a small dash of cordial, makes me feel full and also like I'm drinking sonething a bit bold. It will fill you up and hydrate you which sometimes is the cause of hunger in the first place. Another thing to remember, we loose a lot of water weight in the first week of weight loss-that's the easy part. Loosing fat is tough and doesn't fall off as easy. You will hit a plateau, I would suggest this is the time to hit the gym, spinning or circuits are brilliant ways to beat the plateau. Best of luck!