Mount Carmel Ante Natal Class Review

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dea aveta Posts: 254
Hi Girls On an earlier thread I promised I would report back on the Ante-Natal course run by Mount Carmel so here goes: Positives: - Tour of labour ward , nursery and post labour accommodation - Free breakfast! - Opportuniity to meet the midwives who work on the labour ward - Breastfeeding element of the class- excellent! I was going to do a separate course but feel I got enough out of this to get me started hopefully. - Discussion around post natal care- what to expect in the days after birth; facilities the hospital offers - Hospital policies and procedures- they don’t practice AML unlike H. Street which is great! - My consultant ( VD) was way more open to discuss/sign off birth preferences AFTER I had attended the course. Negatives: - No focus on role of partner- this was a big disappointment for me - No focus on positions for labour/ Active birth - Assumption that everyone is getting an epidural - No handouts so make your notes if required Overall I would rate it a 7/10…’s expensive at €150 but is comparable in price to other day courses. Would I recommend it? – yes with the caveat of knowing what you want to get out of it before you go in. This is the first question they ask and most people there hadn’t thought about it. I did learn a lot at it but I also asked about a million questions so I got my money’s worth…..sorry if anyone else was at this class…..I probably wrecked everyone’s head!!! :wv
stephnyc Posts: 414
thanks dea .. good to hear.. I see you;re 35 weeks .. is this a good time to go on it (I'm only 26 weeks now)? was it a big group? whats AML? sorry i did try to google it but couldnt find anything thanks! Steph
jewellb Posts: 2389
was wondering what AML was also, haven't even picked a hospital yet.
dea aveta Posts: 254
Hey I found 35 weeks was fine for me comfort wise. I brought a pillow with me. We probably would have gone in a bit earlier but the classes only seem to run every 4 weeks or so and the earlier date didn't suit. Having done it, I think the closer to the due date the better so as to retain the information.....personal choice really.The class was bigger than I expected.....about 13 couples. This made the room REALLY hot! AML= Active Management of Labour In a nutshell- it means that you are on the clock once you are admitted to the hospital and need to be progressing at a certain rate in order to avoid interventions such as breaking of your waters, prostoglandin gels, oxytocin drip etc..... There is a significantly higher likelyhood of experiencing a cascade of interventions once you start, as your natural hormones become surpressed ( Google Ina May Gaskin on this). This is practiced so as to better manage the resources in the hospital and makes a lot of sense on a practical level ( avoids bottle necks etc...) but, is not mother-led. Unless you have expressed either verbal or written preferences to avoid unnecessary intervention,the midwives are required to follow hospital protocols and procedures. I'm not sure if this applies to the Midwife Led unit there.... I would really hope not!!!!!!! Here is a thread with more info specifically relating to Holles Street: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=304253 I'm sure someone will contradict me and that's fine, but from what I have personally read on the policies and practices of H. Street and what I am hoping to get from my birth experience, I don't want to go there and this was the reason I picked Mount's a very personal choice at the end of the day! HTH :wv
Autumn Mama Posts: 750
as far as i can remember when booking mine they prefer you to be within weeks 28 and 34 I think, but not 100% on that. That's a great review Dea, thanks! I had asked my consultant about AML and she said all Irish maternity hospitals have it as policy so its great to hear that the midwives don't use it!