Mount Carmel gone, now what?

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starlight Posts: 171
Anybody else devastated by the loss of the only truly private care option for having a baby? It's not like any of the other options are even remotely similar. I really feel for all the transferred mum to bes. Does anybody know what the current status is of the relocation of Holles Street to Vincent's, can't find any up to date reports.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
They've said it'll be 2018 before it's built, so I'd add on another two years to that, realistically. But that'll still be a public hospital with some private facilities, regardless of where it's located. Out of interest, what aspects of the MC model do you feel are unique to that hospital alone?
Persephone Posts: 928
As already said, what aspects of the private hospital spoke to you exactly? I just had my baby in the Rotunda's Lillie Suite. It's a private and semi private wing of the hospital, just like the private and semi private clinic. The care was above and beyond there. But so was the rest of the hospital. I had to go to the emergency room a few times and was never even kept waiting for even five minutes. Just curious as to what was so fabulous about Mount Carmel in comparison to going private in another maternity hospital? What was your previous experience there like?
perle Posts: 236
I didn't go to mount Carmel - went private in a public hospital instead, but if Mount Carmel was still an option I would definitely go there for any future pregnancies for the following reasons: (1) Modern facilities. (2) guaranteed private room. (3) less busy. Public hospitals under incredible pressure at the moment. Midwives and consultants are just too busy. (4) easy parking (although expensive). (5) the option of paying for your baby to be cared for in the nursery at night. I would have paid any amount for this.
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Similar to Persphone I cannot praise the Rotunda enough. While I'm going private I've had two admissions through the Emergency Room on this pregnancy & both times I have been seen within minutes & cannot fault the level of care I have received. I cannot fault the hygiene in the hospital & all the staff have been amazing to deal with. I may have a slightly blinkered view as a private patient but if your looking for an alternative to Mount Carmel than I'd imagine your going private.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
My wee mini caramel square is gone, now what? A caramel rice cake. I can't wait.
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
In what way are you talking about not being remotely similar? My neighbour had a baby xmas week in mount carmel a couple of years ago and she didn't get a private room as she had a natural delivery and all the planned sections xmas week had been given them. I don't know if it was any more modern than any of the other maternity hospitals from what I've heard but I was never in Mount Carmel to know for myself.
dea aveta Posts: 254
I really miss Mount Carmel. The focus they put on the mother after birth as well as baby really aids recovery I think . I loved having the nursery facility at night or when i needed a bath or sleep. I really appreciated the time all the midwives and nurses had for me both ante and post natal. I loved the fact I was supported to go without an epi until I couldn't manage things anymore and less than 2 minutes later I was given one. For me these things were really important and made my DS's birth experience a truly positive one. I'm going to the Coombe now and definitely don't like it as much .... Parking issues , waiting times for appointments and poor hygiene in the toilets being my main gripes so far. Removing choice is never a good thing IMO.
Dub M Posts: 269
Have to say i dont get the MC thing at all..I chose HS as semi private last time,location,friends recommendations,sentiment as I was born there but above all experience of medical team and midwives. While I've no bad experience of MC I would never have chosen to deliver there where there is v limited support if baby or mum is compromised after delivery. Is there a NICU?baby would be transferred to HS or Combe at first sign or trouble so That could be 20mins which could be life altering. Admittedly things are so busy in HS but as one of the busiest teaching maternity hosp in europe the staff have vast experience that mw in a private hosp cant have in my opinion simply based on numbers. Having a nurse mind my baby at night couldn't compensate for the peace of mind I felt in HS so an old building,busy midwifes and crap parking were not a worry for me.
starlight Posts: 171
Obviously people have different priorities when choosing their care. I think we can agree that the wellbeing of the baby and ourselves is top of that list and i like to thinkb that all hospitals will do their utmost to ensure a safe delivery. However there are other things that are important too. I hate hospitals. Mount Carmel was not a huge hospital feel building. I don't like all the things that come with a hospital in the city, parking, traffic etc. I don't like heat, I won't to be able open windows and have choices concerning my environment. I want my consultant to spend as long with me as I need and to respect my choices. I want all the nice little extras that going private in Mount Carmel brought. I liked the area Mount Carmel was in, liked that it wasn't city centre. I liked the fact that I laboured and gave birth in the same room, a room that I went to immediately even though I wasn't in active labour. I could control almost everything about my situation, apart from getting the baby out which took almost a full day. I liked that if I had wanted a c section, I could have had one. The staff were not over stretched, the hospital was not overstuffed, overcrowded. I never had to wait more than 10 minutes for an appointment, I could choose the days and times. I have not had babies in the Coombe or Rotunda, though I have visited. I'm sure they are fine, and the care is excellent but I wouldn't choose to have a baby there. I have had a baby in Holles Street and would not go back. Apart from anything else Unit 3 is hell on earth. And if you don't have straightforward labours, which I don't, you will be visiting Unit 3. Basically it comes down to choice. I would like to be able to choose to give birth in a private hospital.