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JQ10 Posts: 41
We are trying to select a maternity hospital at the moment - didn't think it would be this hard!! I've always thought I would go to Mount Carmel but I've heard that they don't have the facilities if baby encounters problems - is this the case? We are also looking into Holles Street private. I would love to hear from anyone who is attending / has attended either hospital - it would be very much appreciated! Thank you!
love struck Posts: 1125
JQ10, You are correct in what you are saying about mount carmel they dont have the facilities to deal with medical emergencies so if there was anything the baby would have to be rushed to HS I think.. In relation HS I went semi private there was Dr Peter McParland who works privately out of blackrock and I found him fantastic easy to talk to and caring and all I have ever heard about him oon this website. I had complications at 16weeks and had to have a big operation which he also performed for me, he was so reassuring but had me into hospital asap. He didnt let me think about what could happen just made it clear it had to be done. I found when I went into labour the midwives were terrific and from my personnal experience I would certainly have no reservations going there again. Good Luck with your choice.
lacreme Posts: 145
Hi JQ10, In relation to Mount Carmel you will hear an awful lot of mixed responses and a lot of myths. To put your mind at rest you should give them a call and they will explain exactly what their level of care is for babies. I had my twins there 16 months ago, born early at 33 weeks, one in for 2 weeks and the other five weeks and I couldn't fault the level of care one bit. However always best to hear exactly what they can deal with from the hospital themselves, this is what I did as I too heard the stories. Godd luck with your decision, I am back to Mount Carmel again, next baby due in January Lacreme
Emme Posts: 4735
O:| O:| O:| Ring Mt Carmel - the myths go on and on! They have excellent neo natal care. Sorry edited to say I'm cranky and should give you feedback as well as submitting head off wall icons! My consultant is Dr. Dockery and he's brilliant as is his midwife. I had a rocky road at the start and flying since then and the care was great. I really felt like I could see him anytime and ask anything. As for actually being in Mt. Carmel I have no experience yet apart from being there for my big scan, bloods and physio. All of which went great without any waiting. I don't think there would be much difference anywhere else having said that. I'm delighted I chose to go there. A purely maternity hospital was never on the cards for me in anycase.
JQ10 Posts: 41
Thanks for all your replies girls, never knew this would be such a tough decision! As suggested I'll give Mount Carmel a call today to put my mind at ease, thanks again.
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
The myths about MC do my head in! O:| MC offer fantastic care for both mother and baby. I was told very early in my pregnancy that they can cope with any complications and there should be no need for a baby to be transferred to another hospital, as they have everything they need to cope with problems. The only thing they cannot deal with is a birth pre-32 weeks, if that happened you would have to go to another maternity hospital. However, i figured the chances of that happening were so slim, that it didn't really bother me. MC has a great neo-natal unit, so if you really want to go with them, go with them, don't let myths like these put you off.
bubbalicious Posts: 330
Hi JQ, [quote:36z6v04f]You are correct in what you are saying about mount carmel they dont have the facilities to deal with medical emergencies so if there was anything the baby would have to be rushed to HS I think.. [/quote:36z6v04f] This isnt necessarily true and there are so many myths out there about the Mount Carmel. I too am attending Dr Dockery and he explained very clearly the services in the hospital. They can deal with emergiencies, they have a special baby unit, they have a paediatrician, they have all resusitation equipment. I could go on and on.... The only incidence where you will be referred to a bigger maternity hospital is if you have your baby before 32 weeks and then you would be moved to Holles St or the Coombe - just like any other general hospital nationally. If the baby has an illness that is complicated they would be referred to Crumlin, as they would if you attended any of the other maternity hospitals in Dublin. You will hear alot of made-up-myths about MC, ignore them and speak directly to a consultant there JQ - I have in the past been very upset with comments and scare mongering from people at the beginning and am so sorry I listened to them now. Every person has a horror story of a friend of a friend!!!... Hope you make the right decision for YOU hon!
Babystar Posts: 195
I am going private in Holles St and am really happy with it. Everyone has been great - no waiting so far, and very friendly and helpful staff. The main reasons for me to choose that were - price. Its significantly cheaper to go private in Holles St than in Mount Carmel (about €4600 in Holles St and you get 20% back in tax, not sure in Mount Carmel but I've heard can be 8-10k? Someone else will know better. Weirdly its cheaper if you have a caesaran than a natural birth there as more is covered by insurance) - reassurance. I do believe that Holles St is a great hospital to be able to deal with any problems. My sister's baby had some minor problems when born and lots of specialist consultants were able to come by the next day by to have a look and give their opinion/ reassurance. This saved her having to go on waitlists and make appointments with them later. - location. Its near by office so very handy for appointments!
Emme Posts: 4735
2009 prices for Mt. Carmel Private 4,658 now €4845 Semi-Private 4,404 now €4580 Two Night Package Price Private 5,278 €5490 Semi-Private 4,856 €5050 Three Night Package Price Private 5,899 €6095 Semi-Private 5,307 €5520
JQ10 Posts: 41
Thanks again for all your replies, I really appreciate it.