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jen2 Posts: 3106
Girls Just wanted to post this. As some of you know I have not been having a great pregnancy. BUt I just wanted to say that the treatement I am getting from Mount CArmel is wonderful. My Doctor, his staff, and all the staff at Mount Carmel are brilliant. I feel like Royality. As much as I am in pain and worried about this baby, they are doing everything to put my mind at ease, and look after me. If any of you are thinking about going there, dont think twice about it. Just wanted to post this, so may of us are quick to put nagative things down, so I wanted to put a positve thing down. Jen2
Christmas B Posts: 6191
That's great Jen2!!! Doesn't it make life so much easier when people are nice to you!!! My two friends went there too and they just loved it!! They couldn't have said enough good about the place!!
Miki Posts: 309
i am almost 35wks and will be having my baby in Mount Carmel too. I dont see my consultant there but had to go in last sunday as i had a bit of a show. I have to agree, i was so happy coming at home the mid-wives are so lovely and really put me at ease. even my hubby couldnt believe the care and attention it got. it seems such a nice calm place to have a baby.
jen2 Posts: 3106
Miki best of luck. You dont have long to do at all. What doc are you under. I go to Gerry Rafferty. I had my DS with him too. When I was there last week, I kept calling it the hotel instead of hospital. DH just laughed at me.
Miki Posts: 309
im seeing Dr Dockeray in Charlemont Clinic. I'm really please with him, this is my first baby and everything scares me, he's really nice
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
My friend recommended dr Dockery also,
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
Ah that's really nice to hear i always said to Hubby when our time comes that's where i would like to go (appointment wise etc it would be easiest to get to too), i don't know anyone who has had a baby there so that is lovely to hear, thanks for sharing the positives
Idina Posts: 1289
Hi Jen2, mind if I ask is it much more expensive than private in a public hospital? Thanks
jen2 Posts: 3106
No probs thistle. It is cost 4000 for the doctor. That includes all bloods and scans. The the cost of the hospital is 4893 for a 3 night say in a private room. VHI are covering 2900 of this and I have to pay 1983 myself. they ask for this to be paid 10 weeks before the baby is due. You can claim all this back on your MED1 form the following. You get the % of the tax you pay on your wages. So say you pay 40% taz. They you will get that % back. Jen2
noon Posts: 229
Hi Jen2 I have just pm you. Tks Noon