mount carmel - tens machines

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leopardess Posts: 906
hi im just wondering can anyone tell me do mount carmel provide tens machines? just want to check before i go buying one thanks :wv
bubbalicious Posts: 330
Hi Kiss-the-bride, I dont think the MC provide tens machines hon, as far as i can remember from my ante natal class in June, the midwife said that you bring your own one in if you want to use one. I will be with midwife next Monday and can double check for you if you like?
holidaygal Posts: 83
I'm not 100% sure but I'm going there and when I was doing an ante natal class with a mid wife from MC she told us about where we could hire them so it didn't seem like they just provide them. I also think people use them more at home rather than after going to the hospital.
leopardess Posts: 906
that would be great if you could check for me Bubbalicious thanks holidaygal it does make more sense for them to get you to hire them as they can help last quite a long time at home, its just im being induced so starting my labour in hospital. so was just thinking maybe they have one or two if somebody wants to use them. but i can just get one if not..just trying to keep costs down :eek
Scrummy Posts: 183
Not sure if they supply them but I know that its most effective to use TENS when labour begins. So best to have it rented or purchased before hand. It could be too late waiting to use it in the Hosp.
Emme Posts: 4735
Was at antenatal class recently for Mt. Carmel and midwife said you could rent them.
wombats Posts: 665
Boots rent them out for about 75euro and you get 40 back when you return it, as far as I remember.