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bride08 Posts: 273
Hi There, We are trying to decide on a venue, have looked at a few country houses but they cannot take our numbers. Just wondering if anyone has had their wedding or been to a wedding in Mount Juliet? We both like it, havent contacted them yet as I have never been to a wedding there so would like to hear some feedback before we consider it! Our wedding is not until 2008 so we are planning way in advance.
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
I think there was someone here who was really into the venue recently maybe send a few pm's we looked at it also but we just werent sold on Kendals as a venue just wasnt us. That said if you like it and are happy with everything u should go view it and go again. i found Andrea to be sooo helpful. I would also go and have the food there as i have heard mixed reports there.
2557 Posts: 885
Mum & Dad were at a wedding there on Friday and apparently it was fab. they had the drinks reception outside the main house and the meal in the golf club - downstairs. will fit max 120. she said that the room was fab - very elegant and classy and that the food was excellent. however, 2 things: they thought that they were way too liberal with the wine - you'd have a sip and would be refilled. Also apparently the breakfast the next morning was terrible. My dad didn't eat it which speaks volumes. we were there last march and the brekkie was bad then too so i'd mention that if you go and see them though. fab venue though, the church in thomastown is lovely too.
bride08 Posts: 273
Thanks for the replies ladies! I think we might book a night there and see what we think of it! We have a few venues in mind but have plenty time to decide on one! We are getting married in our local church and it is about a 45 minute drive to Mount Juliet then. I think it is the Club house we would have our wedding in as we will have in the region of 120 - I read on the web site that Kendals is for a wedding of about 80 and Hunters yard is for about 120.
Powerdee Posts: 4
Having my reception in Mt Juliet this summer we are having a marquee has anyone attended or had reception there if so any coments? :lvs