Mount Wolseley Negotiating Tips

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galaxy1 Posts: 28
Hey, Just wondering has anyone had any experience in negotiating with Mount Wolseley, I'm finding it quite difficult, they don't seem to be backing down on anything!!
stick Posts: 1229
hi a friend of mine tried to neg with MW but got no where. she ended up going wiht the hodson bay
Babydoll82 Posts: 313
I wasn't much good at it either but some of the girls here mailed what discounts etc they got but they still didn't relent - some of them got free bar extension but i didn't etc
modestmay Posts: 9
Hi, i'm getting nowhere either so am considering elsewhere not finding the wedding co-ordinator very co-operative, on the residents bar issue ask them for a copy of the licence to keep open the bar that is why the charge is normally asked but not many hotels actually get the official licence to keep it open..
Littlebo Posts: 2598
OH that's so true, A lot of the time they get it for one over the weekend but still charge you!!