Mount Wolseley - please fill me in

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marste Posts: 37
Hi All, All I have ever heard is good about this hotel. we are getting married there in 3 weeks and they are making a mess of our guests bookings. now I am totally panicking?? Some guest who we reserved rooms for have been turned away and told they are not on the list!!! what do I do?
carlow Posts: 432
would the rooms be under your name, instead of theirs?
marste Posts: 37
no in their names. I know I am proberbly worrying about nothing, but the only thing that has been stressing me out at all is the hotel, biggest thing!! everything else is going fine more or less
Distressed Bride Posts: 56
if i was you i would have a chat with them and tell them you are not happy i have never been to wedding there but went for lunch one day and waited so long we left service was not good. don't mean to stress you out more but think you should definitely bring it to their attention
marste Posts: 37
called them on the way home from work. had missed calls from them then when I went to the gym(needed to vent!!!) I feel like its me going crazy. I dont want to be a bridezilla but I am starting to understand that nice doesnt work either
Distressed Bride Posts: 56
honestly - i think you should keep talking with them they might be able to fix the issues and give you back the confidence that they handle your day properly. Oh and you are nice does not work.....
icsi girl Posts: 264
Hi Marste, Please do not panick about Mount Wolseley!! We got married there 5 weeks ago and like you I was worried about the hotel, there is so much that can go wrong! But all I can say about them is WOW!!!! They were amazing from start to finish. The reception could not have gone better and we are still getting emails about how super the food was. There is not one thing they could have done better. Shane and Deirdre were there the whole day until we went to bed at 5 and they were back again waiting on us hand and foot at 10 on the saturday morning when we got up. I think you will be hard pushed to find a better venue, so please dont worry and enjoy this time!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
marste Posts: 37
ah thanks so much. Ireally was having a panic over it. In every other aspect they are brilliant but the whole reservation thing was really bothering me. I guess I just need to get into the mind frame that it isnt my worry. Soo excited now