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Grainne_28 Posts: 5
Hi :wv I got engaged a few weeks ago :xox and I have booked an appointment to see the wedding coordinator in Mount Wolseley. I stayed in Mount Wolseley one weekend two years ago, I was really impressed with the hotel and food, and I thought to myself I would love to get married here. Looking for some advice as its my first time to view a wedding venue. Has anyone had any luck negotiating prices or getting any extras in Mount Wolseley and also has anyone attended a wedding here recently and feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks :)
jojo1604 Posts: 34
Hi We have our wedding booked for here next march, they have been great to deal with so far. Friends of ours have been to weddings there in the last few weeks and they said it was amazing. I hope this helps.
noffie Posts: 64
Hey, Mount Wolseley was booked out for our date so we never got to view. I have been there for different things but never at a wedding. A friend of mine has lots of weddings last year and one was in Mount Wolseley and she swears it was the best wedding she was ever at. Everything was amazing! Best of luck! Noffie x
Grainne_28 Posts: 5
Thank you both for your information - it really helps a lot. I hope I will be booking it in a few weeks time all going well with the coordinator :)