Mouse in the house.......... ahhhhhhhhhh

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Walking Bump Posts: 2095
I hate them O:| They give me the heebeegeebees :eek :eek Doggies have gone to my mam's so we can lay traps tonight and hopefully the little bugger will be caught (humanely that is). Let's just hope that he hasn't brought any friends with him to reside in my kitchen.
The PDQ Posts: 954
We thought we had A mouse, we caught our 14th last night! :eek I'm not scared of them though thank God, ham or rashers is the best thing to put in traps
love struck Posts: 1125
You poor thing but I can so sypathise... I also hate the damn things.. Mind you they are only little creatures so what are they going to do to me my Hubbie keeps saying but it doesnt matter. New Years morning woke up to the rustling of a bag in my room and there the little fecker was... 5am New Years Morning.. Happy Bloody New Year. So got the hubbie out of the bed and made him do a search of the room while I screamed.. He then set 4 traps, I feel asleep on the couch for a couple of hours while the husband did watch.. Well thats what he told me anyway!! :o0 :o0 Then I vacated to my mams for the day while the traps where laid.. It wasnt until 5pm that evening was the little fecker caught... Left the traps down (and they still are) and nothing else so he was a lone ranger. Last night was the 1st night I slept since new years day..
PussySmudge Posts: 10
That's my dinner sorted for tonight. I'll get Shin to drop me off at your house around 6pm.
chaos Posts: 1904
found a hole in the cornflakes box two weeks ago, found droppings near by so down went the traps, cant kill the little fecker! dog is in FMIL house since christmas so traps can stay down, have had cheesem peanut butter, chocolate in them but the fecker is taking the cheese and escaping the trap!! help!!! O:| O:| O:|