Movement at 39 wks??

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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all.Just wondering about this,I know Ive read bout ppl having lack of movement at this late stage but Im wondering has anybody had the same amount of movement/stronger moves:-/ My baby would als been very active and even still if i waken in night i can feel it wriggle away/in the morning its like my wake up call;-) But because Ive only read of ppl getting less movement im beginning to wonder if this is all normal?? This probably sounds crazy to some of you but when u get this far u kinda analyse everything, well i do anyway:$
MrsRugby Posts: 1532
Hi, I am 38 weeks and this is my second pregnancy. On my first i hardly felt any movement, had to prod and poke myself to get a kick back :o0 this pregnancy is different movement wise. Baby kicks me continuous, even now at this I thought it would quieten down but no kicking the crap out of me. I wont not worry, better to have movement then none at all. :wv
adelz Posts: 3088
That's true thanks for replying. I suppose some babies are just active and some are not!!! It would be worse if there was very little, thanks again :wv
Dee78 Posts: 263
Hi babsdel We had our last antenatal class last week and the midwife said that it really concerns her when people say it's normal to have less movement etc in the last couple of weeks. She said it's not the case that there should be less movement towards the end of pregnancy, the movement just changes from jabs, kicks etc to turning and squirming etc. She said that if in the last couple of weeks you're feeiing less or no movement you should get checked straight away so it definitely sounds like you have nothing to worry about it you're feeling loads of movement! Hope babs doesn't keep you waiting too long! Best of luck with everything :wv
adelz Posts: 3088
O thanks Dee so much for posting or coming back to me on that, you're very kind. I am having lots of movement and even as we speak, its squirming around, more obvious now than before and sorer too! :compress Hoping it will be very soon here in person to squirm about the place. Fingers crossed. Thanks for that I really appreciate it.... Hope you get on well and hope it all goes well for you with it all :wv Best of luck
Dee78 Posts: 263
No probs at all, I'd say when you get so close to your due date it's hard not toanalyse everything!! I know I'll be like that anyway :-8 Thanks for the good wishes :wv
DM09 Posts: 261
I had heard that baby should calm down movement in the last weeks/days before birth. DS never stopped moving right up to the end (he may have been quite still during labour) but was definitely still moving the day before he was born. He is still a very active child.
adelz Posts: 3088
I have that, a very active child :o0 esp in the eve time, when I sit it starts to jump about. It is great and Id actually worry an awful lot if it did stop so Im lucky really. Here's to just hoping that it will move down and out now :o0
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
It's if the movement changes considerably that you should get checked. I ended up in for a trace in the last week because they were moving way more than normal, it was all fine, but best to get checked if any concern. If it's normal to have lots of movement then you need not worry at all.