Movement in the same spot all the time?

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hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I'm 20 weeks as you can see, and having lots of movement which is making me laugh as it feels like tickles from the inside! :o0 I have even managed to feel it from the outside with my hand when I press in gently ... such a fab feeling! It's always in the same spot though, as if the baby hasn't moved around much in there ... is this normal? Had a check up today and everything is spot on, heart beat was good and strong and the baby was even jumping around so much the doctor kept having to move the doppler to get the heartbeat again :lvs
Finished here Posts: 2860
Hi there, I am a little further along than you but for the past couple of weeks my movement is always in the same spot too. I assume for me baby has settled in a certain position hopeful the right one :o0 and this is why, for you it can be any number of things such the position of your placenta etc that can masks the kicks and turns and twists everywhere else ! As you say you had your appt so doc should be able to tell if there was anything to worry about but you can always ask your GP at nxt appt if it stays the same and you are worried !
neeov Posts: 4256
It could also be that only that part of yor tummy is feeling the movement. You may not be able to feel the movement through the placenta and this takes up a bit of room. My baby was the same but on the ultrasounds s/he was moving all round. It was difficult for the doctor to measure the baby s/he was moving so much!
problemchild Posts: 196
I nearly always felt movement in the same place, bottom left. I was wondering why it was only ever in the same spot. It turns out, now she's on the outside, she moves her arms much more than kicking. :o0 I can't even imagine the kicks if I had an active baby. :eek