Movement mostly on one side....worried....

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babs76 Posts: 1000
Having lots of movements at certain times of the day (beginning to get a pattern) but i notice that a lot of the time (not always) it seems to be more concentrated on the right hand side as opposed to anywhere else– can anyone explain this? Baby does move on the other side sometimes but definitely more pronounced on the right. Is this the norm or should I be worried (doesn’t take much these days to be honest) Any advice would be great – thanks
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I had this with DD2 and she was fine and this time movement is all inside iykwim but baba is lying transverse so told not to worry.
redfly Posts: 358
How far are you gone hun. I find most of my movement is on the right hand side and only very little on the left. I reckon bubbas legs are on the right and thats why the movements are stronger there. I wouldn't worry about it.
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
I've been the same throughout my pregnancy - most of my movement on the right hand side, and now and then I see the little bum poking through on the left, so hands and feet are all over on the right - explaining all the movements. Some days I don't get any on the sides, and then the bum pokes out right at the front, so I figure arms and legs are wriggling away right in the middle of my body!! :eek
SGirl Posts: 2542
Mine moves all the time on the right also, which is strange cos thats where the babies back is not its arms legs!
babs76 Posts: 1000
thannks girls...feel a bit better about it all now (my scan isnt till the end of the month) I'm 26 weeks on Thur and to be honest i have no idea how the baby is liying (which makes me think that perhaps i should :eek ) - from reading your mosts maybe the baby is liying right across my belly and the legs are on the right side and therefore stronger kicking on that side I'm not sure...I should really know these things
kala Posts: 1937
i'm 30 weeks and like you have had movement mostly on the right side for a good few weeks now- don't think this babba has any intention of moving down , quite happy to be inside for a long time yet unlike ds who was a week early- we'll have to force this one out- too comfy inside for its own good.
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
babs76 don't think you should necessarily know which way the baby is lying - the only reason I found out which way the baby was lying was cos I was in my friend's house and her housemate is a midwife and she had a good ole grope! Otherwise I wouldn't have had an idea! Hope that puts your mind at ease :xxx
babs76 Posts: 1000
Thanks Happy Thoughts, I must definitely find out when i go in for my next scan. Last scan, babs was jumping around the place....must also find out this time round, what sixe the baby is. I never ebven thought to ask but perhaps it's up to the gynae to tell me these things....again I'm not sure My friend is a few weeks ahead of me and her gynae is great for telling her the details
MommaBear Posts: 36
Exact same thing is happening with me: Had my appointment with obst yesterday and brought it up, He said it was perfectly normal that my baby had found a comfortable spot and was lying head down, bum up with its spine facing left and that meant the limbs would be to the right (where all the kicking and poking power is!) Im 33+ weeks and have noticed this for the past month or so.