Movement slowed down 21wks

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missc Posts: 875
Over the last few weeks i have been feeling regular movements some strong and some faint. But now i have hardly felt anything since yesterday morn. I feel stupid for even writing this but am starting to worry cos it should be geting more frequent now, not less. Dont wanna go to doc as im prob over-reactin. Anyone else experience this? Im sure its fine.
MotherNature Posts: 317
Babies can have quiet days. Once you're still feeling ten or movements a day things should be fine. Depending on the way the baby is lying you may not feel all the kicks. If you notice that there have been no movements at all then get to a GP or the hospital. As babies get bigger you won't feel the movements, they get more squished in there so your entire belly will move. Have a very cold drink and see if there's any reaction. That will wake up a sleepy baby and you should get a nice, big ungrateful kick from the little one.
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Yeah babs has quiet days with me as well. I drink cold water out of the fridge or bottle of lucozade and that gets babs moving! If you haven't felt any movements at all I'd give the hospital a ring but if you have felt a few its prob just a quiet day. HTH
missc Posts: 875
Thanks girls, all seems to be back to normal today, baby must of been having a lazy weekend :-8 Seems to be moving like mad at the mo. You really did put my mind at ease, thanks :-8 :thnk
Tedsters Posts: 1688
I went through this and the midwives in the hospital as well as the consultant advised to ALWAYS have 10 movements twice a day, if not take a very cold drink and lie down, focus on your baby and wait for the kicks. If you DO NOT get kicks then go to the maternity hospital for a foetal assessment without any hesitation. Please do not feel stupid in any way. The staff at the hospital treated me very well and said to come back at any time if I was worried. I was also advised that even when babs was larger that you should still count your foetal kicks. Good luck and don't be afraid to speak to your midwife about any of your worries. Trust your instincts.
brideeee Posts: 1490
Our little person defo has quiet days -usually followed by a day where he hasn't stopped kicking- I think the little mite wears himself out :lvs My friend- who'd little bubs is 3 months old says he's the same he'll have a day where he won't stop kicking all day and then he's knackered the day after and sleeps most of the day, xx b
feelsobad Posts: 693
HI Miss C I was going to post the same thing today. I have felt little taps for the last couple of weeks and some a bit stronger. Yesterday there was lots of movement and today very very little - maybe 2 little taps all day. I am just over 20 weeks so I think it is still early for regular movement and maybe bubs is tired from everything yesterday! I will be keeping an eye on it tomorrow. Maybe it is just still early days. :wv