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glauchers Posts: 162
Hi Girls, just a quick question. I am 20 weeks and felt my first movement wed morning when lying in bed, went on for a few minutes and hubbie felt it too. Couldn't believe it, weird sensation but lovely at the same time!! Since then I've felt nothing at all. Is this normal? I'm a little bit worried.....thought once i felt it that would be it. Thanks
mommylicious Posts: 836
Baby is still so small and has so much room to move about at that stage that she could just be hiding on you. I felt my 1st movement at about 17 weeks and then nothing til 20 weeks. At that stage it's so hard to tell movements because they are so fleeting, So don't worry, she'll be making herself known to you soon enough.
marles Posts: 1397
As bumpelicious said the baby is still quite small and has load of room.It will get a lot more active.I found it more active at night and in the morning.My hubby can feel lots of movement when I lie down in bed. I have so much movement all the time now,lots of kicks,punches and feet in my ribs :) Also when you're active during the day the baby is rocked to sleep,then at night or in the evening the baby can be more active. You will be surprised how quickly the movements will become more frequent.Enjoy the slightly quiet time,It so funny when you get a serious kick! I even saw the baby punching on one of my scans :yelrotflmaosmilie:
blondie77 Posts: 217
hi glauchers I have been so tempted to write your post for the past 3 weeks I am 22 weeks tomorrow and have been lucky enough to have an apt with my consultant last week and had my anomoly scan on Monday but I get flutters and movement on and off and then nothing and become a bag of nerves. At my consultants apt I said to her how nervous I was ( have lost 2 babies in the past) and she was so lovely, did a scan and everything was good so she told me to look forward to the big scan the following Monday! :lvs :lvs :lvs my consultant! At the big scan I just could not believe how much the baby was moving and I was feeling nothing so it makes me think they must be in bad form when they are giving me a kick! :o0 :o0 :o0 I know its nerve wracking but i totally agree with the other posters, there s loads of room in there considering how small the babies are at this stage but give it a few weeks and we ll be telling them to quieten down! Hope this helps xxx
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Glauchers I know exactly what you mean!! I have been having movement for a few weeks now but I can go up to 3 days without feeling anything and then I can get a day when baby is bouncing around! This week baby has been very quiet and like you was worrying a small bit yesterday but then felt it bouncing around last night. I think cause its still quite small it has a lot of room so movements can be harder to feel. I do find that its only when I'm sitting down at home for longer than half an hour that I feel it. Never really feel it when I'm lying down at night. Take care hon hopefully it won't be long now before we are being kicked in the ribs!!! :o0
Ochre Posts: 877
Glauchers, that was the exact same for me. When I went for my 20 week scan, the midwife said that the placenta was anterior (so between the baby and my tummy) which was another reason that the movements were so light. I'm 27 weeks now (nearly 28 :o)ll ) and it's really only in the last fortnight that I get strong movements throughout the day although there's no real pattern to them (I know some babies kick at similar times throughout the day but mine is a total mystery!)
Gembira Posts: 847
Ochre I'm so glad you've said there's no pattern to your baby's movements because mine is exactly the same. There's not really a particular time of day that it's most active, just whenever the mood takes him/her! Glauchers as everyone has said it can take a while to feel again. I have an anterior placenta too so it made it more difficult, although having said that the baby seems to enjoy kicking out to the sides so it's obviously not held it back too much. As some other posters have said wait until you start getting kicked in the ribs - much as I am at the moment! :)
glauchers Posts: 162
Thanks girls, you've all put my mind at ease, have my big scan on wednesday so will hopefully see babs wriggling around then :wv