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shocked22 Posts: 511
Girls can you help me please. I have myself worried sick. This is my 3rd pregnancy (first baby was stillborn) and I am almost 18 weeks pregnant. I expected to feel flutters or something at this stage but haven't. I thought I had a few weeks ago but nothing now. I am a 'big girl' and am hoping this has something to do with it but would it be 'normal' not to feel flutters at this stage in a 3rd pregnancy?? I just can't shake off the worry that we have lost another baby.....
Jeidi Posts: 3128
This is just my first pregnancy and I thought I was feeling flutters from about 13 weeks but looking back I'd say it was just my skin stretching. I didnt get my first real "movement" till 19 weeks. It's no good sitting at home worrying, ring your EPU and tell them how you feel.... they should tell you to go there straight away. If you are over 20 weeks pregnant you have to go to the labour ward, and thats daunting to say the least. Best of luck, :thnk
jenny s Posts: 151
Hi shocked 22, I could say to you try not to worry cos each pregnancy is different and you are only 18 weeks so some may consider this early to feel movement - but I know by your previous experience you will still be worried. My advice is drop what your doing and see your GP, he can listen in for the heartbeat for you and that will make you feel much more at ease. Iv done this myself in a moment of paronia and it feels great to have definite reassurance. Im sure all is fine xxxxx
dpotter Posts: 179
Hi Shocked22, my little boy was stillborn in september, it was my first pregnancy, i didnt feel movement til i was 2o weeks, but firstly, congrats on the pregnancy and i really wish you all the best, they do say with heavier women it takes longer to feel anything.... but i now if i was in your shoes(and hopefully i will be soon) that nothing anyone said would make a difference so just visit your gp and get the heartbeat checked and then have a chat too about how your feeling and they might have some advise for you.....
mummy bear Posts: 3824
shocked firstly congrats! secondly im 19wks and this is my third preg, first was twins felt movement at 14weeks there was two, dd3 i felt movement from 15weeks and on this baby have felt nothing yet. so i went to my gp and got him to listen for a heartbeat yesterday morning and there it was. she said something about the plancenta lying to the front thats why sometimes on your third or fourth you cant feel movement till later on.. maybe make appt to see gp or ring your epu
shocked22 Posts: 511
Thank you all. I got myself so worked up yesterday that I had to leave work. I phoned my doc and she told me to come straight in. She was hesitant to use the doppler as she knows my history and said that it could be hard to find the heartbeat but I told her I needed to know and that if she couldn't find it then I'd go into the hospital for a trace. Lo and behold there was baba's heart beating away and moving around like goodoh!! I was so relieved and cried for most of the evening! I think when we let these thoughts into our minds it is so hard to shake them and as my doc said, they are there to reassure us anytime of the day or night. And mummy bear, that is actually reassuring that you haven't felt movements at 19's not just me then! Thanks again girls. :thnk
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Shocked am delighted you went to your gp and heard a heartbeat yayyyyyyy :o)ll :o)ll such a relief isnt it.. just looking at your ticker for your dd Niamh what date is she one? my dd3 is one on the 7th
shocked22 Posts: 511
It was a huge relief mummy bear. The best and most reassuring sound in the world. Niamh will be 1 next Friday the 5th. I can't believe my baby will be 1!!! Are you doing anything for you dd's birthday?
mummy bear Posts: 3824
[quote="shocked22":3e8xxmvk]It was a huge relief mummy bear. The best and most reassuring sound in the world. Niamh will be 1 next Friday the 5th. I can't believe my baby will be 1!!! Are you doing anything for you dd's birthday?[/quote:3e8xxmvk] just having my parents and in-laws over for a small party!
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
shocked22, sorry to hear about your first pregnancy and glad all is ok on your pregnancy now Just so you know i have just had my first baby and i am also a big girl I didnt feel proper movement until 22/23 wks, have a very fleshy tummy so even when i did feels kicks they were probably a lot lighter than a normal person anyway i hope you take care, best of luck !!