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Jenny0305 Posts: 845
Am 25 weeks on Friday. Just wondering when the movement slows down a bit. I am noticing a very obvious lack of big movements last night and today. I was for so long getting really decent kicks but for the moment none of that...should I worry. Thanks for help.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Are you still getting some movements though? I remember being worried about this on my last preg and doctor told me to lie down quietly and count movements and to count all of them not just the big kicks. I remember DS used to have quiet days as well and DH has also reminded me that sometimes he would only feel him kicking in bed at night while I was asleep while he hadn't moved much during the day. Maybe count some movements this afternoon and if you're still worried, ring your GP for some reassurance.
shocked22 Posts: 511
A midwife told me that if I was concerned about movements to have something sweet, cold and fizzy and lie down for a while and that baby should move after that. As sphynx said, if you are still concerned after that, just phone the hospital. They said I could call into them anytime of the day or night and that half an hour in there being reassured that all was ok is much better than sitting at home worrying. Let us know how you get on and take care. x
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Good idea shocked! DS always gave a big reaction if I drank something fizzy or ate some ice cream. Another trick a sonographer gave me was to lie down and move from side to side a few times.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Movement will slow down as your pregnancy progresses. I don't get kicks as such anymore, I sort of get prods and pokes. I was worried about it on my last pregnancy and the hospital told me to record every single little movement I felt. They told me once I was getting at least 10 throughout the day all was ok. When I sat down and consciously started to count the movement I found I was getting a lot more than the 10. If you do feel there has been a dramatic change in the pattern it would be no harm to check it out with the GP. Better safe than sorry.
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
Thanks for that will try it when I get home from work...people might think I am crazy if I do it here on the floor. :-8 Thanks again for your advice.
babybuzz Posts: 474
my baby book has said that i shouldnt really start counting the movements till about 29 weeks is that wrong should i be counting the movements is it 10 in a 24 hour period? im still feeling light enough kicks sometimes lots in one day and sometimes very little as in 2 or three. but when i put the doppler on i can hear the baby moving constantly
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Babybuzz when I got that advice I was 33 or 34wks. Sorry I should have explained that :-8 I was told 10 movements in 24hrs and I'm not sure at what stage you should start counting. If the book says 29 wks then I would go with what the book says
babybliss Posts: 437
jenny, i have noticed that the movements vary from day to day and the babs had a really quiet day yesterday.. I din't feel any movements at all after lunch yesterday until just now and was getting slightly worried. We need to bear in mind that the baby still has bit of room to move, so we won't always feel all the movements :)
Jenny0305 Posts: 845
Took advice on the col fizzy drink and sat back in my chair and got plenty of strong kicks so thanks for that girls so glad I asked. Phew!!!