Movements at 26 Weeks Question!? Advice Needed!

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Aardvark Posts: 89
Hi, I'm currently 26 weeks, and though I didn't feel the baby moving/kicking until around 23 weeks, since then he/she has been pretty active, wriggling away like mad. But I didn't feel any movement at all yesterday - should I be worried? :( I often don't notice any movement during the day when I'm at work or being active, but for the last few weeks baby has always been pretty active in the evening when I'm watching telly, and when I'm in bed - but didn't get any movement yesterday evening or last night... Not sure what to do - any advice?
Asscher Posts: 732
It could be the case that while you slept last night the baby was moving about. I often wake up to my stomach shaking. Can you have a glass of really cold water and lie down in a quiet room for a while and see if you feel anything? If you are worried I would just go to the hospital and they can check you at and put your mind at rest. There is no point getting yourself worked up when you can just get checked out. I am 28 weeks now and was at hospital yesterday and the midwife said I should expect to feel 10 movements in 12 hours and to just go get checked out if I didn't so they won't think you are overreacting or anything.
FingersCrossed2010 Posts: 71
I had my anti-natal class at the wk-end and the midwife said sometimes you can be so busy and active during the day that you dont feel anything. So like Asscher, she suggested we take a cool drink, sit or lie down for approx 20mins, and listen / feel out for any movements. if you dont feel anything, to contact the hospital and they might bring you in for a scan or heart beat monitor. Lack of movement or a change in movement is on the list of reasons to contact the hospital, so instead of stressing yourself out, contact a midwife. Hopefully the baby will make up today for his quiet day yesterday !! :wv
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Hi Aardvark, I am a week behind you and baby still has quiet days every now and again. They say not to count movements until after 28 weeks and thats probably because baby is still quite small so could be moving away without us feeling it. Anytime I'm worried though I drink some lucozade or glass cold milk and wait awhile and mostly I'll feel it move. If you are still worried though don't hesitate to call the hospital or your gp.
MrsDr Posts: 1316
Something cold or sugary normally does the job for me. But they do say that some days baby can be soooo active and the next day be tired from the previous days workout!! Like us they have energetic days and lazy days. If you are very concerned just drop into your GP and they can do a quick heart beat check, reassurance within minutes.