Hi ladies, my head is all over the place and I'd love to hear from those in similar situations or those that have made similar decisions. We have 5 yr old and a 2 year old and will be in a position to move house this year. My 5 year old is in a very good school so we're reluctant to move her. With this in mind we are searching within a reasonable radius of her school. We badly need to move as we are currently in a cramped apartment. It would be amazing to have more space and a garden - this is our dream as would be to stay southside (Co.Dublin). I work full-time as well as my husband to pay the bills - not for the huge love of it! I would also love to spend more time with the kids but if we stay within a radius of my daughter's school - it will mean high property prices and I will have to continue working full-time for the forseeable future. (I still hold out hope that when my son starts school, I could work part-time but that would be a few years away). If we move, let's say to Lucan, then we can still have the space we need plus I may not have to work. It just means that our daughter will go through the pain of moving school. I also worry about getting her into a school that is just as good as the one she's in. I hate these big life decisions and my husband is leaving it in my hands because he says he's happy any which way. Help!! Any thoughts?