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mollysmammy Posts: 60
have just put DD into her own room for the 1st time tonight and i just cant believe how upset i am :o( she has just turned 9 months and we have spent weeks doing her room..really dragged it out as we were putting off the "big move" as long as we could but really just needed to do it before i return to work next week..another little step to help mammy wean herself away from Molly (yes i'm dreading it & it just 3 days per week) :ooh she has settled after about 20 mins and im now sitting on my bed watching her on the baby monitor, crying a river!! she is fast asleep now with soother in her hand and looks really relaxed. i feel really silly so even had to ring DH who's working & now he's all upset too..he's even thinkin of sleeping in the room with her in the spare bed when he gets home just in case she wakes up or he misses her too about defeating the purpose :o0 god ladies, cant believe how hard the little things are, being a mammy really melts your heart!!!
poster Posts: 311
Aw bless!! The first few nights are the hardest and after that you'll be so proud that your little pudding is so Independent and you'll wonder why you didn't do it long before!! I didn't sleep a wink the first night we moved ds into his own room!! Every noise I thought I'd heard I was straight into his room!! Mammies!! What are we like!! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
MammyC Posts: 3621
Im in the same boat!! Im moving dd out this week hopefully,( I say hopefully as I too am dragging out getting her room done) but she is almost a year now so needs be and all that... Its amazing how much of a mess you turn into when you become a mammy!!
mollysmammy Posts: 60
glad to see im not turing into a smothering irish mammy!! i proud that i actually went ahead with it today and hope that she doesnt get all upset during the night or u will prob see myself and DH dragging the cot across the hall in the middle of the night!! fingers crossed she will be happy and i can enjoy reading in bed again or using the laptop..maybe DH and i can start acting like newlyweds now (married just 7 months) again that we have the room to ourselves >:o)
yada yada Posts: 1598
We made the move on Sunday and it's such an odd feeling going into our bedroom and turning the light on. It's like Jnr is not in the house....Jnr wasn't bothered at all by the move in fact he slept a bit longer. I think everyone finds it a bit tough to move the LO out but it's a good thing to do when you are ready. [quote="mollysmammy":2cwp6eh0] ..maybe DH and i can start acting like newlyweds now (married just 7 months) again that we have the room to ourselves >:o)[/quote:2cwp6eh0] haven't tried that since jnr moved out but the joy of reading a magazine in bed with the bedside light knows no bounds!!!