Moyvalley Hotel, Kildare

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ladyAMJ Posts: 2
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
There was a post on this recently, probably last week. if you do a search you should find it! Was in Old Faithful Section!
ladyAMJ Posts: 2
Thanks for that!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Here it is: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=298348&p=3215725&hilit=balyna+house#p3215725
oic2012 Posts: 9
AVOID AVOID AVOID This hotel double booked the reception room for my brothers weddings. They only told them 3 weeks before the wedding. But apprantly had know for months that there was a problem. The only suggestion they made to ressolve the problem was to have the meal in the restraunt, but as there was not enough room for everyone in there some guests approx 30 would have to eat in another part of the hotel.....they actually thought this was a good idea!!!! The golf trip that they had booked into the hotel for the weekend was more important to them than the wedding. They were extremly unprofessional and not at all helpful, as you can imagne my brother and sil were distraught at the time with only 3 weeks to go. In the end they were very lucky and managed to get another hotel, they booked the Royal Mairne in Dunlaoughire. we had an amazing day in the end no thanks to Moy Valley to
Excitedbride1210 Posts: 13
I think this hotel has gone into receivership since June/July 2010 ? We were interesed in Moyvalley as a venue until I heard this, didnt hear it from the hotel though :(