MP3 player music instead of DJ

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Walla12 Posts: 37
Hi Ladies, I've heard that a few people have there own music collection to play from an MP3 player to speakers that the hotel would have. Has anyone done this and how did it work on the day? :xox
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
I've heard second hand about this and apparently it didn't work very well. I was told it lacked atmosphere and when a song came on that no one liked and the floor emptied it was hard to get people back on. Although this could have just been that particular crowd on the day.
marialouise Posts: 212
Being a DJ is a profession for a reason - they will read the crowd and a good DJ should be able to keep people on the dancefloor. Spotify playlists and MP3 players are kind of risky, anything could go wrong and it's hard to cater to all tastes, so I would just go for the professional. People will remember it in a bad way if the party finishes too early so maybe if the budget is tight is there another area you could cut back on that would be less noticeable?
happysnappybride Posts: 2
Most hotels have speakers which are used for the speeches and are not suitable for playing music from an mp3 player as they simply don't have the output required . You will hear the songs ok but they will not be at a level of volume to create any atmosphere . If you were to hire a p.a to play your songs from an mp3 player it would cost almost as much as hiring a professional dj . My advice is don't ruin your party using the hotels p.a go and hire a professional dj to finish off the night.