MS in the middle of the night?Is this normal?

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ForeverHopeful Posts: 113
Hi Ladies... I woke up at 3.30 this morning with a cramp between my ribs and a funny empty feeling... the area between my ribs was rock hard.. I went to the loo and nearly felt like I was in "that" scene of Bridesmaids as I had diarrhroea and needed to puke at the same time. Were I not pregnant I'd suspect food poisoning but I'm ok again this morning (just nauseaus which I've been since wk 5). Has anyone else experienced this? It was awful, I was sweating and everything.. not pleasant!
Daff Posts: 11644
is it good or bad if I say yes this is normal? :o0 I get horrific stomach cramps at night when pregnant and get sick too very often. I remember when pregnant with DD being on toilet in middle of night in agony crying thinking how could labour be worse than this... and it was :-8 :o0 Got them again this time too but at least I viewed it as good practice in coping with pain this time! Also in third trimester I wake up from my sleep getting sick - lovely!
ForeverHopeful Posts: 113
Thanks! I thought that it might be normal but I've never been pregnant before so said I'd check. If I weren't pregnant I'd think I had food poisoning.
Smallwoman Posts: 132
Yes it's normal, now I never vomited but on dd I used to wake up feeling sick in the middle of the night. Then that would progress to feeling sick in the evenings. I used to go to bed trying to get to sleep as fast as I could before I would puke! On this little bambino I seem to be the same, I'm sick most nights but I can just roll over and go back to sleep ( if only my toddler wasn't kicking me!) and last night i was sick in the evening.