Mucous - Sorry if TMI - need advice

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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi Ladies Just noticed the last few days that the odd time (once or twice) when I wipe after loo have this clear to yellow/green discharge, looks like (sorry) snot! about a teaspoon full. No smell or itch so don't think infection. Could this be a bit of the mucous plug? Is it normal? Anyone else experience? Is it bit soon? Also, having lots of braxton hicks - not painful just v tight, Doc says normal, anyone have these? Thanks :wv
Mrs Mac2be Posts: 571
Hiya Chloe have had this a few times apparently normal just keep an eye on it
mariac Posts: 982
hi chloe how far are you gone?
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I have this and was wondering about mucous plug but I assume we will bleed when plug is gone? Have loads of tightening too, are these Braxton Hicks?