mucus plug or show????

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi girls I noticed on my pantiliner that i had like a browny pinky discharge and also when i wiped - now it was not really slimy or anything but i wiped twice and there was some on each tissue.....this was on friday night and also had a bit of the same on Saturday - do you think this is my mucus plug coming away or something else. I am making an appointment with doc tomorrow and am going to mention it bvut was wonering if anyone else had something similar! I have read it can come away a few weeks before you go into labour but was just wondering if anyone can enlighten me! Also on a couple of occasions i have been on the toilet and i know my bladder isnt as strong as before but a few times after going to the toilet i had little bits coming out of me - had no control over that at all.....would this just be wee or would it by fluid....i wiped and it didnt really have a smell IYKWIM. Will be mentioning it to doc also but dont want to sound like a lunatic!
round two Posts: 1018
Hiya, You are not a lunatic at all. It sound to me like you are having the start of a show and this does not even happen to everyone. You could still be a few weeks away from going into labour and only if you get contractions and this show do you really need to go to the hospital otherwise they will just confirm that you may start somewhere in the next 7 to 21 days about. Oh my goodness it is just so exciting you are nearly there.... Good Luck
Mrs J Posts: 387
Sounds like a show. I had a very similar one at 37weeks 3 days and another one at 38weeks. I had doctors appointment the day after the first one and she told me that it didn't mean I would go early and there was every liklihood I would go over as it was my first baby. She also told me that you can have a few shows (I had the second the week later). Its just your body getting ready .... DD arrived 4 days early in the end (my waters broke 6 days before the due date). Good luck!
littledolly Posts: 393
Sounds like that's what it is. I had a membrane sweep last week, and have been having a show for a few days now - it's quite mucusy at times. I phoned the hospital when it happened, and they said unless there is blood in it, there is no need to go in. It's just a sign that things are starting to happen, but as Hope07 says, it can still take a while after that.