Mullingar Hospital List

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Shel Posts: 33
Hi Girlies, Would anyone have the hospital list of things I need to bring with me for mullingar? Appreciate if you could send it onto me :wv
winnie d pooh Posts: 139
Here you go.... [b:36i53foz]For Mother[/b:36i53foz] [list:36i53foz]3 Packets Maternity Pads 1 large Bottle of Savlon Front opening Night Dress/Pyjamas Underwear and Bras Bath Towels Personal Toiletries Breast Pads Slippers Dressing Gown[/list:u:36i53foz] [b:36i53foz]For Baby[/b:36i53foz] [list:36i53foz]Baby Towels 1 Roll of Cotton Wool Baby Sleep Suits Baby Vests Sudocream Surgical Spirits - Cord Care 1 Large packet New Born Nappies 1 Bottle of Baby Bath Baby Blankets * 3 Baby Sheets * 4[/list:u:36i53foz]
babybuzz Posts: 474
also going to mullingar (but wont be for a good while) this may be a stupid question but surgical spirits :eek :eek :eek is this a normal thing to bring?
Shel Posts: 33
Thankyou so much Winnie d pooh Babybuzz - we were told at our anti natal class to bring surgical spirits for cleaning of the baby's belly button...
babybuzz Posts: 474
god i missed the bit that it was cord care. the things that were running through my mind there :-8