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cherries Posts: 68
Has anyone here been to Mullingar for their antenatal care or birth? It is the nearest to me but I know nothing about and would love some advise. Any views on public v private care or on which consultant? Also, do all consultants charge the same?
Lorr06 Posts: 214
Hi cherries, I had DD in Mullingar......lovely hospital, staff very nice. I was under Dr Gannon privately and he was a pure gent. Had a scan at every app with him (because i was private) His fees back then were €1000 but i wud imagine they have well gone up but if u can afford private care i would go for it. (If u have bupa or VHI u should be covered but will have to pay constulant urself) If u ned to know anymore just ask or pm me. Enjoy pregnancy, Lorr
cherries Posts: 68
Thanks Lorr, that's very reassuring. GP has recommended a Dr Mortell, would be happy to go with GP's recommendation unless I hear anything bad, he did also mention Dr Gannon. I thought I had heard my SIL say that she only saw midwife during pregnancy, that the consultant will only see you if theres anything wrong, is it different in different areas? Have been told that Dr Mortell will be €2000 which seems like a lot, BUPA will only refund a few hundred euros from this. Am I as well off going public then?? So many questions, so excited!!
Lorr06 Posts: 214
Hi Cheries, Midwife will see u during visits if ur going public.....If ur going private u will always see the consultant. Im sure Dr Mortell is a fab consultant. €2000 is pretty expensive but u can pay it over the course of pregnancy, u dont have to pay it all together. I just perfered the private ward and seeing same consultant all way through the pregnancy and of course the scans on every visit (u dont get may scans if u go public) Up to u an end of day hun.....way up the pros and cons....Enjoy ur pregnancy, and Good choice with Mullingar, staff cudnt be nicer
bree Posts: 1880
i am going public with Dr.Gannon ( tho have VHI G.P said would make little or no difference and only 4private rooms there) was named as one of Irelands cleanest Hospitals last week which is great to hear.. heard lots of great reports about Dr,Gannon & should do a search about it on VHI discussions boards, lots of comments on Mullingar there. Good luck with the pregnancy
cherries Posts: 68
Thanks girls, didn't realise VHI site had a discussion board, will check that out. Lorr-do you know if the fee quoted for the consultant includes all scans? I think i was so overwhelmed when talking to GP that I didn't take in much of what he said!
Lorr06 Posts: 214
Hi Cheries, I didnt have to pay for any scans so i presume it was included in the consultant price. Is there really only 4 private maternity rooms?? I didnt realise that.....I got one so didnt care after that....hehehe
clucky Posts: 26471
Mullingar is a great hospital - staff are lovely and Dr Gannon is a dote he is helping us in our battle to actually have a baby there - i had my first in de cooombe