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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
Hi all havent been on here in a long time so apologies for that first of all. I have enjoyed reading up on everyones progress and I am delighted to see that everyone is doing so well. I have a question about Mullingar....I am approaching week 25 and I havent had a big 20 week scan. I have heard that Mullingar do not do these big scans. I rang my consultant today to see what the story is and he said that they dont have the facilities to do that in Mullingar but he can refer me to the Rotunda if I would like to have one done. I am private in Mullingar and I assumed all of this would be covered in the 2500 Euro I am paying. When I asked about this, my consultant told me that it (Anomaly scan ) is covered under VHI. I am with vivas level 2 we plan, and I told him I was with vivas, and he said it is covered. Does anyone know if this is true as I cant seem to see that on their website? I am with Dr. Mortell so any replies would be appreciated. Thanks
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Hi I was with Gannon and had to ask for the 20 week scan and they did do it at Mullingar so i don't know if this is a different scan? It cost and extra 200 and I only got 50 back from the VHI. I do think it is a cheek considering the amount we are paying them that this scan is not included... >:o( Anyway I went to the radiology dept for this scan but gannon referred me. Not sure if Vivas cover it, but presume they will cover a portion..hth
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I'm public, but I was told by consultant also that they don't do the 20 week scan in Mullingar anymore & they only do it if they are concerned. Sorry to hijack, but does anyone know if I am too late to do the anomaly scan now? Just noticed on the Ultrasound Dimensions website, they say up until 24 weeks.
byebye Posts: 599
I'm public with Dr.. Thomas and got a scan in his consultation room at 20wks.. not sure if it's the same scan that you are talking about but he seen a low-lying placenta at that scan. (It was the only time I've met him) I got a 2nd scan in the x-ray dept at 34wks to get a full fetal assessment (to check location of placenta)
MrsMoneypenny Posts: 783
I had the 20 week scan. I dunno if being private or public has any bearing on whether it is offered or not but i got mine at 20 weeks. I had to pay for it but it was done by the radiographer in Mullingar Hospital. i went private to Dr T. When i told my gp that i'd had that scan she was surprised cause she says its not offered but then asked was i private to which i replied i was and she was like oh fair enough then!
mumof1 Posts: 8
My friend if going private with Dr. Gannon and had 20 week anomoly scan with Dr. Logan, head radiographer in hospital included. She told me that this is a new service Dr. Gannon is offering to private patients with no extra charge. She is paying €2,200 to go to Dr. Gannon privately. Think I am going to go this route myself next time as she is very happy with him so far. As far as I know you can also pay extra to have this scan done if you are public so could be worth asking about it. Also Dr. Logan asked her if she wanted to know the sex, there is a policy in Mullingar that none of the three consultants will tell you the sex and I would definitely find out next time so good to know that this is a way around it.