Mullingar v Portlaoise v ballinasloe

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waffle Posts: 167
Hi girls I'm new to this and totally clueless so ill def be a regular poster!! I'm living in Offaly and am trying to decide in the best hospital ( and consultant ) between Mullingar, ballinasloe, and Portlaoise. My second question is do any of these have midwife led clinics? I can't decide to go public or private so I figure a clinic like this would be the in between option. Any advise or tips would be great Xx
febmama Posts: 72
It will depend on who you speak to but Mullingar is probably the better hospital.portl is less busy staff therefore staff have bit more time for you however.dont know about ballinasloe.or about midwife led of luck!
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
I can only judge Mullingar and they are very good over there. I went there for my second and am going again this time round. I'm going private as the last time and my consultant is dr Mortell. I find him very good but I know he's not to everyone's taste but I like him. My sister and friend have both gone under dr Thomas and both found him good. I don't know much about dr gannon so can't judge him. I've no info on the midwife led unit, I didn't realise they were doing it until today
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I had both of mine in Ballinasloe and when it comes to pregnancy I couldn't fault them. I was public both times. They have a brilliant reputation when it comes to maternity although they are totally crap for anything else.
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Everyone's pregnancy and birthing experience is different and as a result you will hear absolute horror stories and fab stories in equal measure in relation to any facility! If you are in for problems and complications the chances are you'll have them wherever u choose to have your baby and the same goes for an easy birth! For the record I can say only good things in relation to all aspects of ballinasloe and I am looking forward to having my first baby there!
Bunnybun Posts: 573
Also, people love bashing their local hospitals! I have lived close to 2 of the mentioned hospitals and work near the third and some of stories I have heard are just daft!
luckymummy Posts: 650
as bunnybun said you hear the good and the bad, its just depends on the story teller. I think you should pick the hospital which is the easiest for you to get to, taking into consideration all your antinatal visits and of course which ever is easier to get to when the big day arrives. I had both mine in portlaoise, was public, no probs at all, was very well looked after, lovely midwives.
MrsRed Posts: 397
Had mine private in Portlaoise, as previous posters said, lovely midwives, and hosp was lovely and quiet! Maybe I was just lucky with the time I went into labour !