Mums who have cleaners and outsource ironing.

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boyne Posts: 204
Just wondering if many mums have a cleaner into there home and also someone to do their ironing. Curious to what arrangement is in place, i stringly considering this.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I have a cleaner who comes in once a week for 2.5hours. I don't get her to do the ironing though. Couldn't live without her!!!
roxychick Posts: 1802
I'm really thinking about getting someone to do the ironing. I'm just so exhausted and don't have the time between DS and work
fabcards Posts: 541
i have a cleaner who comes in once a week for 4 hrs and usually fits in some ironing in that time,,,,,shes great...has even looked after DS while i run to shops....she picks things up in shop and also drops things off.....couldnt live without her...she rang me to day to tell me there was a special on nappies and if i wanted her to pick some up for me :o)ll
Skippy Posts: 1834
>:o) >:o) I don't have a cleaner or outsource the ironing (mainly because we don't iron anyway :o0 ). But here in Australia (well Victoria for sure) after you have a baby they assess you for home help. So if you have had a c section or live far away from family or generally dont' have much support after you leave the hospital, then you can receive up to 6 hours of home help for nothing! Yep, you read correctly. The Govt pays for it. As I had a c section and had no support at all after the birth (obviously!) I got a cleaner once a week for 6 weeks. Oh so very needed in the weeks after your bring home your baby. Sorry, just wanted to boast! :o0
Skippy Posts: 1834
But it in no way makes up for missing Ireland win the grand slam and the craic to be had at home :o(
Diddums Posts: 204
Haven't had the baby yet but have had a cleaner come in a couple of hours a week for the last two years. Best thing I ever did - she cleans floors, bathrooms, oven, windows etc and also irons DH's shirts (saves our marriage basically). Both DH and I tend to work long hours and travel with our jobs (or did at any rate) so she was a good solution for us. Am currently considering increasing her hours when the baby comes to cover all the extra ironing. Cost is 15 euro an hour and she is employed through an agency. Have never had any problems.
Delish Posts: 4176
€15 an hour seems very expensive to me. I'm still considering getting an au pair for the summer months to help out.
Doris Day Posts: 340
I hired a cleaner to come in and do 3 hours a week (2 cleaning & one ironing), she aint great for cleaning and only really polishes, hoovers and mops and i've given up on her to take initiative with other household cleaning tasks so i've just reduced her to one hour cleaning and one hour ironing, it still really helps to have it done at the weekend but i usually give the rest of the house a hoover during the week. I pay her 12.50 an hour and i found her by putting a sign up in the local shop
littledolly Posts: 393
I put an ad in the local paper and have a cleaner who comes in for 2 hours a week. She doesn't iron, but that's my choice. She does all the essentials, and I leave her a note every week of what I want done. I'm in the North and it costs £8 per hour - definitely money well spent.