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susmurf Posts: 1060
I have a woman coming in once a fortnight to save my marriage. I'm really messy and if it wasn't for her, my husband would be long gone!!
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hiya, yup we have a cleaner also. Through an agency and she comes in once a fortnight for 4 hours, including ironing all DH's shirts ... fantastic to have & we don't argue as much anymore about the cleaning :o0
the winner Posts: 4148
I have a 6yr old, and plan to have a baby a year after the wedding. I will def be getting someone in once a week for a few hours.. I learnt the hard way that cleaning all the time is not the most important thing that enjoying your child as a baby def is. I used to clean all the time when DS was a baby and as a result didnt enjoy being a mammy of a young baby. I'm much more relaxed now :D and being a mammy and playing with DS is the best part of my life:D These have a great name :D
Tess72 Posts: 1173
Our cleaner comes for 2 hrs per week. She's 12.50 per hr. She does fairly basic stuff - clean and wash floors & do the bathrooms but our house is quite large and 3 stories so that's literally all she gets a chance to do. I used to feel I needed to justify it but it just wasn't getting done before we got her and my husband does absolutely nothing helpful around the house so I thought at least now he contributes by paying half and I'm not a slave trying to get everything done. As it is I still spend hrs every week just tidying, dishes, laundry, feeding & cleaning after DS. It's never ending. It's really not a lot of money when you consider what you get for 20-25 quid these days.
mayday08 Posts: 704
Anyone have a recommendation for a cleaner in Navan please, what the arrangement may be etc. Any personal details PM only !