Munster meet up!!

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SarahS Posts: 550
Anyone interested???
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
me! well Cork.. i'm in London but get home every couple of months
SarahS Posts: 550
Just you and me Chloe!! Ah come on surely we can arrange something... we can't be outdone by the Dubs!!! :D
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
yeah come on you lot WE WANT A MEET UP what about getting the dubs to come to cork?
clucky Posts: 26471
ah now come on girls Cheile, Charli, who else is from that neck of the woods?
over it Posts: 2779
Why dont you Cork heads come up to Dublin, [b:3gz33w4x]The REAL Capital [/b:3gz33w4x], for the meet up? Oh I am just stirring [email protected] today are'nt I??[img:3gz33w4x][/img:3gz33w4x]
charli Posts: 5994
im in limerick but would travel!!! Lucky, you come down?
clucky Posts: 26471
i would of course i get arounda lot
SarahS Posts: 550
Wo wo, who said anything about it being on in Cork??? Typical Cork crowd, think the world revolves around ye. :roll: :D We could have it in Tipp somewhere, the Dubs could surely manage that, it is only a small bit DOWN THE COUNTRY!! :mrgreen:
justforfunsies Posts: 2502
i reckon we should just hire a big party bus and do the rounds of the country!! altogether now ....the wolly bus is coming and everybodys jumping!!! :D :D :D
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