Muscle pain?

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MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
Girls, I blew my nose this morning and got a I've pulled a muscle and its been painful all day - is it normal to do this with something as simple as blowing your nose?
candyfloss Posts: 704
yes it's very common to feel a massive sharp pain in your abdomen when sneezing while pregnant. Its still happens me occasionally too and I'd have thought Id no stretching left to do :o0 . The best way to avoid the pain is to engage your pelvic floor muscles before you sneeze. I used to also get it every so often when I turned in bed, and it made me shreak like nobodies business. Hope the pulled muscle feeling goes for ya soon :wv
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
thanks candyfloss,
Christmasmammy Posts: 120
This always happens to me if I am lying down in bed and cough or sneeze. Very worrying at 1st. Hope it eases up.
bighugs1 Posts: 212
I have it mostly when I sneeze or cough need to brace myself before doing either. Very sharp pain sometimes it last for a while otherwise it just goes away immediately. The muscle can be tender for a while as well